Mia's School of Authentic Marketing.

Practice The Art of Sincerity While Being Genuine on Social Media to Accomplish $10K Months Consistently

with A 10K Audience.

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Home Decor


The secrets to showing up consistently with the strategy on choice colors, fonts and designs to attract your ideal audience and manifest results - in no time.

The method to crafting a compelling bio that tells a story - your authentic, fully expressed story. Magnetize your dream clients!

The language to talk about your business and your healing gifts in a way that is medicine to others - not a sales pitch. Communicate effectively and gently with radiating kindness and compassion.




Launch your healing brand consistently, cohesively and concisely.

The course is self-paced, but on average the length to complete and results to show is : 6 Months.



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Presented by Mia Cara Cosco, Founder & CEO
of REGEN Media.

Mia was called to branding health and wellness brands after a transformative trip to Laos. Five years of marketing for venture capital firms, restaurants, biotech startups and much more led Mia to burnout where she experienced a lack of purpose and passion.


Fulfilling a lifelong dream to Luang Prabang, Mia meditated and came to the conclusion: she only wanted to brand healers.



Her heart centred approach to marketing has been informed by her early modelling career, community leadership in psychedelics and a personal philosophy to heal.


She has since spoken on behalf of the UN Santa Barbara chapter, spoken at intl. psychedelic conferences, and volunteered in harm reduction for the Zendo Project at Burning Man (2019).