• Mia Cosco

why time management is so important

How do you structure your day and organize your day for optimal well-being?

This entails crossing things off your list and being in a productive headspace where you actually are feeling yourself accomplishing things. I find my clients often saying, "why are you so organized and always so punctual?"

HA, it's being willing and finding the drive.

If you find yourself being distracted at work constantly, it’s either because your work is too challenging OR it’s not inspiring you.

If it's something that you genuinely don’t want to do, it might not be for you.

If it's something that you have been wanting to do for a while, you’re probably just operating out of fear and procrastinating.

Whatever cell phone or smart phone you’re using, I use Notes on my iPhone and this actually really helps me.

I use the speech to text function and pop open a Note on my phone when I get inspired so I can add it to a list later for something. I’ll think of it for later when I get home if I'm out and I’ll be able to put it into my schedule or a reminder for something really crucial.

Now, another important note is a book: The Organized Mind that I have to recommend as well.

An important thing to know from that book is: if it takes only two minutes, do it right now. There’s an inbox of things, there’s an outbox of things, but if something takes less than two minutes, just do it right now.

Also, if you’re getting anything done, make sure that you’re not trying too hard to be multitasking... make sure that whatever really requires your presence, you just do it. You may not even want to have music on if its something that really requires your attention. I would recommend doing it without any external interruption whatsoever and just making sure you cannot multitask and minimizing the risk.

The second thing I would highly advise for task management is Todoist.

Todoist, formerly Wunderlist, just helps me by being my scheduler and being my reminder. It will send me notifications even for things that I've let it know is a reoccurring thing every day or every week or even just every two days. I'm a Virgo and I've used almost every task management app out there.

Todoist has stood the test of time and has been working wonders for me for the last three years.

For example, if you just want to put in your 'nighttime routine,' you can actually build a checklist as a drop-down menu right into that reminder as well.

Another thing I like to use is iCal so for me, I really enjoy calendar management. In fact, if you really know me, calendar invites are a love language for me.

  1. Yes, notes can help with little things here and there that flit through my mind.

  2. Todoist helps me with my personal little reminders to help me see what needs to be done.

  3. Calendar integrations allow me to be able to visualize my meetings.

The last thing I use, as an entrepreneur whose on 9 different social media platforms to keep me accountable and to manage my time, is Trello. Trello keeps me in check as well.

That's all I really use to manage my time and I’m sure they’re gonna help you. Thanks for reading and make sure to leave a comment and share this!

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