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When People Tell Me They 'Hate' Social Media: How To MAKE MONEY Using Social Media in 2020

3.8 billion people are on social media.

$89 billion was spent on social media advertising and marketing by marketers by 2019 alone.

48% of social media users have said that if you, as a company, is responsive with them, they feel more encouraged to buy.

86% of social media users believe that a brand is more honest if they have a strong social media presence.

Interested in monetizing your brand? Keep reading.

So, some clients have said to me, “oh I don’t want to go onto social media”


“I don’t want to be spending all my time in a scrolling addiction”

or even...

“I hate social media!”

Have you ever thought this?

Usually how I start to counter this is by listing the notable examples of people who have fully made a career on social media. I’m not talking influencers, smoothie pics and selfies, I’m talking content creators. Youtubers who have, through their own journey, have mastered the algorithm and Instagrammers who have made a 6 or even 7 figure business using the power of social media entirely.

I also ask my clients how much social media costs them to use. “Well, it’s free” they say. And then they usually mutter something about the real cost being their data.. and I say “okay. Lets talk about that. So what data about you are they mining? Sure, your shopping decisions. Your frequented webpages. You go to this gym and you have this pet blah blah blah. Do you realize that google is the largest search engine in the world, it owns YouTube and YouTube is the second largest, and the other big player is Facebook and Facebook owns Instagram? Then there’s LinkedIn!” And they’ll usually have it click there. Social media is a free platform at your disposal, and the more that you can view it that way, the happier you will be in your business, with your brand, in your life.

So lets get into how you can monetize your brand:

1. Instagram

Instagram wonderfully lets you to create a business profile, so if you are a business, you want to be setting yourself up that way in Settings on the app. Listing yourself as an Entrepreneur or a Coach even is a way that opens you up to using Instagram as a business profile.

You have a few options with Settings as well. For example, you want to be letting people know in your name, yes, your name – who you are. Put your business title right in there. Jane Doe – Marketer. John Smith – Personal Trainer. Instagram isn’t very SEO-friendly but you can search for people to hire or employ based on titles if you’ve carefully put it in the name.

Next, you want to be taking advantage of that website link. No need to put in your website – put in a Quiz, put in a landing page for your offer, or put in a calendar link for people to book you directly. However, I would leave any contact info for a Book Now or Contact entry and I would just put in an info email if you can do that you’re not getting bombarded at a personal email.

FYI: Instagram does not let you access important linking features like the Swipe Up feature in stories unless you have 10,000 followers and having 10k followers is important, because if you want to be a Brand Ambassador, most companies will not even approach influencers unless they have at least 10k followers. This is important to know if you want to make money doing brand deals and literally partnering with brands to advertise their products or services on your brand platform.

Treat Instagram like a business so that your followers are less like dead weight and more like leads.

2. YouTube

YouTube can actually pay you!

Yes, if your well-curated, valuable, and consistently delivered channel pumps out content that gets 4000 hours of watch time in total by others and 1000 subscribers at a minimum, you will start cashing cheques.

Now, I wouldn’t commit to this unless you already love recording yourself, you are your own brand voice, or you have an audience already, however there’s no harm in getting started and just putting yourself out there.

A few tips to make money on YouTube are in a simple Chrome Extension known as TubeBuddy.. the free version will be able to show you metrics, best practices, and what makes a winning channel blow up on yours and anyone else’s channel that you view. Super useful for tips like including an end screen, info cards, and making sure to share your video on socials.

3. Facebook

I recently learned of a coach who signed a $75K client through her Facebook Business Page.. she doesn’t even have a website. Crazy! You can too. A Facebook Business Page, optimized with some information, inviting friends and family to like it, and an event as well builds a following on that platform. Facebook events are one of the top social calendars people look to now and it’s not to be underestimated. If you can make money through ‘book now’ links on Facebook and ticket sales on Facebook events, you can monetize your brand on Facebook.

4. LinkedIn

Now... LinkedIn is a place often with a professional tone for serious business people, and a lot of attention and engagement goes to success stories and transformational business stories as well. Valuable content shared every day, that is, informational content that people can share, will win as long as its tastefully peppered with success stories, client testimonials, and offers of your business.

Not to mention the jobs market on LinkedIn is a direct way not only of getting paid on LinkedIn, but full on earning a position and getting hired with a company.

If you’re a writer, I would also take advantage of the publishing platform on LinkedIn, because if you get picked up by the LinkedIn publishing platform editors, your engagement will skyrocket.

5. Email List

Now.. you have to be taking all your clients off of social media. That’s right, at the end of the day, it is rented land and social media could disappear one day without your control, but the internet is, so far, up and here to stay. Make sure you’re converting anybody on social media to an email list, either through a quiz, a landing page, a freebie, or something to get people to give you a way to them directly.

As far as my personal experience goes, direct email marketing is the firmest stronghold to convert anyone, friend, family, or stranger into an actual paying client and lead for your business.

Now, what do you have at the end of the day?

Google your name and a clear, cohesive brand shows up with the first page of search results all of your social media platforms. And for what cost? Your time, energy, and no cost. Make sure you’re using your time and energy wisely and know who you are and what your brand truly is.

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If people don’t know you, they won’t be able to be influenced by you, and if they aren’t being influenced by you, they won’t have their lives changed and helped by you like you were born to do.



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