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What Is A Branding Coach in 2020?

So what is a branding coach?

A lot of people ask me this question when they’re looking for help with marketing or they know someone who needs help with marketing and I usually answer this way:

As a Branding Coach, I am a cut above a Marketing or Branding Consultant because I don’t typically do the work for my clients; my clients do the work on putting themselves out there and on their brand and I simply course correct them. As a coach, I’m their thinking partner, their professional friend, and their subject matter expert as just a few hats that I wear.

Because my Category of Coaching is in Branding and Marketing, that’s what I coach on and that’s typically what clients come to me for. I love working on all the creative elements of branding including logo design, landing page structure, and even online business building.

However, a lot of people then ask me, "well, is that your niche?"

I actually say no!

My niche statement is that I empower wellness entrepreneurs to overcome uncertainty on social media and create the thriving, heart-centered business of their dreams using powerful personal branding. Whether I’m working with nutritionists, sound healers, relationship coaches or even elevating the brands of entire retreat centers, I work exclusively with entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industry and I empower them to reach their goals in their business through powerful personal branding.

So then, typically people will ask me, "well, what do you do?"

While that is obviously a huge question for me, at the moment, I’m currently an expert for entrepreneurs who are looking to take their wellness business online. As the world faces the COVID-19 pandemic for yet another season, a lot of my clients and I are faced with making sure that our businesses are resilient in the long term for our offerings to be online.

In the online model of my business, I am often on Zoom calls at least a few times a day. I work with clients usually no more than for 60 minutes a session and we typically meet once a week. However, if we don’t meet once a week (like if we skip a week), we'll make up for that time in the next week and have two sessions that week.

In sessions, which are all video recorded on Zoom, I go through a process with them asking deep-diving and soul-searching questions about their purpose in the world and their mission to get a sense of what they really want to be up to. I make sure to do any work with them on transforming limiting beliefs (rather than trying to eliminate them) and alchemizing the energy that people have about uncertainty into excitement. I want to leave people feeling excited to take the next steps in their brand so they can put themselves out there and impact the world on a greater scale.

By the end of my sessions, I am always asking at least one thing of my clients. While most of my clients consider this homework, it’s really just an action step for them to crystallize what they learned in our session and anchor the insights gleaned from the coaching into their unconscious mind. The piece of homework might be to draft their own niche statement or... to develop the next 12 post content strategy for their Instagram.

Now, you may be thinking, "wait! That sounds really daunting and you should be helping them with that since you’re the expert, Mia!"

I completely agree.

I am a brand strategist for my clients and I don’t want to walk into any brand without a strategy of my own. I am present with my clients and I work through deep issues with them to uncover their voice and their gifts for the success of their business, however, they will never ever feel as though I am letting go of them. I am always there to address any questions and if they want to send me a direct message or an email because they’re stuck on some part of the homework, they can always get a hold of me in that way and I am a stand for them to complete things in a way that feels strategic for them.

Typically, I don’t give out my personal phone number to clients unless they already have my number because they know me personally outside of my work, so typically I will only allow email or Slack to be the messaging platform that I use with clients.

The fun part is when we start creating marketing collateral together. Typically, I’ll share with them the notes that I took and the questions they answered in our session, and they can use that to develop things that I ask of them like... their bio, their brand kit, and their logo! We share all of these things on a private Google Drive folder between the two of us.

So, some people still ask me, "well, what are your workdays like?"

That’s a great question!

Depending on how many clients I have at the time, my days can be 3 to 5 hours of calls a day that I typically like to schedule for 50 minutes so that I can leave about 10 minutes to make sure I have a break in between the next hour if it’s lunchtime or a run or another client call so that I can decompress and integrate instead of just hopping on the next call.

Sometimes, my days will be a little bit more creative and fun and I will usually have 1 to 2 days a week (besides the weekend) where I am typically I’m just working a lot on my own brand like... releasing a video of my own or working on my own social media strategy for my own brand or doing other sorts of business admin tasks usually to do with invoicing and any delegation to other people.

A lot of the time, usually in the winter and fall months, there will actually be a lot of podcast interviews I will do or some sort of public speaking or conference appearances I will make. This will definitely make my day fun and gives me a reason to put myself out there and just answer questions instead of always asking questions (as I do with my clients).

Now, sometimes people ask me how I optimize myself for working at home (which I do)!

This is a really great question and I know that that’s not the main focus here so I’ll just touch on this before I wrap up.

It’s really important to me that I am hydrating well throughout the day, so I make sure that I’ll make my special little tea latte drink in the morning with my beloved milk frother, I’ll have a big glass of water and I’ll try to make a smoothie in the morning.

It’s also really important to me to exercise every day and to do some sort of high-intensity mini workout for 10 to 30 minutes every second day as an add-on. I like to switch up my exercising with hiking maybe one day, kickboxing, swimming, trail running, cycling, and this will usually be my rotation throughout the week depending on how much time I have and how far I want to go.

I’ll also make sure that I put on music and have dancing breaks whenever I can to remember the importance of celebrating and just keeping my energy up throughout the day.

I actually don’t eat breakfast and I fast in the mornings so that I just have a pretty medium-size lunch and then a big dinner and my day usually wraps up around 5 PM so that I can have dinner by 6 PM (because I don’t like to eat after 7 PM for my metabolism to be healthy).

Other than that, my rule is that I like to wake up pretty early so either at 6 AM or 7 AM and I will start with some stretching, some journalling, and usually a phone call to a friend or some sort of creative task like dancing or singing in the morning just to get my energy up and my creativity flowing.

I always like to look great for calls because I’m on video and it just helps me feel better inside when I know that I prepared what I look like on the outside.

I often also make sure that I get breaks in nature so that I have more productivity and energy and I’ll usually make sure that I am doing some sort of meditation or breathwork while I do this so that I can come back fully restored and fully rejuvenated for the rest of my day.

Other than that, my weekends I like to keep really flexible and free and I like to spend a lot of time with friends. I love to make sure I’m socially available for my relationships because the people in my life love and support me so why wouldn’t I want to spend all my time with them basically?

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