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Warning: These 5 Mistakes Will Destroy Your Brand in 2020

Mistake 1: Stop holding back.

The first mistake that I see the most brilliant and beautiful entrepreneurs making online is that maybe.. I don’t even know them!

What I mean by this is that the major aspects of what I work with my clients on are simply the confidence in putting themselves out there. The art and science of content strategy, brand archetyping, and even fun design is cheesecake compared to the tough work on getting through limiting beliefs and confidence busting thoughts that my clients tell themselves that we work through together. The reason why you’re not getting the sales, business, or even traffic that you want to your site or social media for your products or services is that you’re probably not putting yourself out there, and if you are, you’re not putting yourself out there enough.

What to do instead: Put yourself out there and be bold about it. Especially if you run an online business, the market right now is so saturated in 2020 with all sorts of new and established entrepreneurs rushing to the Internet to market themselves and essentially start a business after reading one book or completing one course. If you have the knowledge or at least have accomplished something that other people could be taught how to accomplish, you have a gift. Your lack of confidence is holding you back and, if you’re still shaking your head because you believe you have the confidence, it’s important to speak from the heart and also to remember that scientifically, the research says that it takes a prospect seeing your signature offer 7 to 21 times before they even consider buying. That means they have to know through a repetitive system in place and you are responsible and in charge of that completely so make sure that if you’re offering a course, a product, or even a breathwork session, make sure you’re putting it out there somewhere 7 to 21 times. I am not even kidding.

Mistake 2: Stop believing the lie that you need money to brand yourself.

Here’s the thing: because the Internet has decentralized branding for any type of person pretty much anywhere in the world, as long as you have a social media account, a Zoom account, and some sort of talent or gift or something that you’ve accomplished to share with the world, you can make money and launch a booming business.

Social media is free, Zoom is free, even funky and fancy little add-ons like Slack for messaging, Thinkific for course creation, Canva for brand kit development and intellectual property, content generators, and even client relationship management software can also be free! When my clients or even prospects come to me and say that they can’t market themselves or have a booming business because they don’t have the capital first, they actually have no idea that they’re holding themselves back on very limiting beliefs. It is not true that you require an immense amount of capital or investment first to start your business. Now, that doesn’t underestimate the fact that you will likely want to give yourself some time so as not to quit your reliable 9 to 5 and just rush into business with absolutely no game plan or income generation through a side hustle first, however, most people’s problems are not that they’re rushing into business too quickly, it’s that they’re not even taking action on their dreams in the first place because of limiting, insecure, and frankly resigned beliefs that don’t actually reflect the current reality of how far you can take your business with zero cash upfront.

What to do instead: do the research on the free services that I mentioned above that will help be the building blocks for your business. There is a myriad of ways to launch your business and market yourself and a beautiful, visually compelling, and creatively expressed brand using very little if any cash upfront. Also, understand that social media is free and if there any limiting beliefs holding you back from being on social media, I would really look into that and remember that social media can be used for a variety of ways. There is no requirement that you need to be posting every day or three times a day or posting needless selfies and pictures of your smoothies on Instagram, and that would actually be a misleading strategy when you could simply be approaching social media like a business and reviewing the top competitors or leading figures in your niche to see how they are positioning themselves well on social media themselves and you can build from there.

Mistake 3: There is no need to spend hours a day on your brand.

One of the most interesting pieces of criticism to branding that I hear from online female wellness entrepreneurs is that branding takes too much time and it’s too much work.

Listen, I get it, if you have a beautiful family and you want to be spending your time living life presently with them and living a quality life, I don’t want to take you away from that and I want you to be spending as much time on top of your business instead of inside, scrambling within your business and running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I am not sure why people seem to think that branding takes up so much time, however, what I’ve seen is that a lot of entrepreneurs get stuck even just finding out how to brand themselves like with canvas, finding the perfect template, and then spending even more time, potentially ours, creating their own content on a template. Now, that’s just one facet of branding and I’m going to break it down for you why that doesn’t need to be the case and you need not be spending all of your time making sure that every single thing you’re putting out there about yourself is perfect. The great thing about most templates and online document creators is that they’re free and they’re made to be relatively user-friendly. You do not have to learn how to be a graphic designer or get certified in visual elements on the computer to do what you want to do and put yourself out there. You also don’t need to hire a social media manager or an intern just to put posts online. All it takes is knowing a few things in place so that you’re putting out a relatively cohesive brand online and that is wrapped up in a branding kit. I develop branding kits with clients all the time so that they feel like they’re not just doing it themselves and getting wrapped up in spending way too much time on something they don’t fundamentally understand how to do in an hour, and they’re being guided by me to create the best fonts, colors, and even logos with me so that they feel 100% aligned with their brand and also don’t have to think much about once they’ve decided on the key pieces.

What to do instead: plan out just 10 minutes a day or an hour a week if that’s all you can do in the beginning to get on top of your branding and marketing. Without a solid brand or marketing presence especially online, your business is likely not going to succeed unless you’re already very established by referral, word-of-mouth or it requires little to no customer or prospect engagement. As long as you just discipline yourself by putting in your calendar when you can dedicate to educating yourself on branding, you’re not taking away from the quality time with yourself and your family and friends and you're building out a beautiful business that feels totally lying to you that you can carry with you anywhere.

Mistake 4: if you’re multipassionate or distracted with a million ideas all the time, you need to be focusing!

So many prospects come to me that worry if they’re ready to work with me because they claim to be multi-passionate or doing a million things at once and not sure exactly what the one thing is that they can do to market a profitable business on.

First of all, if you understand this and also feel the call to make sure that you focus, that’s great because admitting to yourself that you require focus is already a perfect way to get started on starting a thriving six and seven-figure business. Being distracted is a real struggle and it requires a lot of focussed energy and discipline to hone in on one thing and do it really well because that is truly the key to a great business. I wouldn’t worry about starting 30 amazing businesses someday or getting 20 of your hobbies to all be amazing businesses by the time that you’re 45. You can, that’s just a lot to put on one person and my guess is that you’re watching this and you’re sick of being a solopreneur and you just want to launch one really amazing product or service that you know is going to be worth your while to create and scale because the market will pick it up.

What to do instead: what I create is an immaculate idea matrix. What this is is a chart that basically takes a look at all of your ideas, it could be 10, it could be 20, it could even be 50, however, I would really try to list out all of your ideas. That’s right, all of them, and then I would pick out the top five that resonated the most with you and that you love the most, and put these ideas in your chart and then label and group all of your other ideas as simply distractions. This may seem scary for some, trust me on this. The next thing you want to be doing is not necessarily focussing on ranking those ideas, just write them down and then really think on this and do a check across your whole self, so your head your heart and your gut as you go through each idea if you would be happy to do it, even if for free, if you can afford to do it whether you’re offering virtual services or starting an e-commerce company, if you see yourself doing it for a long time and in the foreseeable future, if it’s marketable so if there’s already an existing market for it, and if you can scale it, so if it’s actually a business that can grow or if it only requires you doing it a specific number of times a day or a week and no more. When you really decide on each idea and come to a conclusion about each one, take a look and see if any of those ideas have all yeses or if any of them all at once make you happy, are affordable for you, work for you in the long term, are marketable, and scalable. Those ideas are immaculate and even if it’s just one, that’s perfect and then you’ve decided.

Mistake 5: stop worrying about vanity metrics.

Vanity metrics are basically what social media hierarchically is built on and that includes likes, comments, subscribes, follows, and basically anything that is included in the analytics of a social media platform.

So many of my prospects are worried and get so consumed with just getting more followers and getting more engagement. It’s kind of funny because 50 years ago if we were worried about not getting enough engagement, we would just try and connect with people and actually make friends on shared interests and values instead of buying bots or buying followers which I highly discourage and can tell you that that sort of workaround strategy is not going to work and even if it does work, it’s not going to work for the long term because so many influencers have fallen off of influential status online because it turned out that they actually bought followers and so all of their followers would start leaving them in droves about a month after making the purchase so to speak and they may have wasted hundreds of dollars just building up something that wasn’t even valuable in the first place. Real engagement matters and organic growth is important for the growth of an actual healthy business.

What to do instead: keep your eye on the prize and remember that the true aim of branding is not to put out an aesthetically pleasing feed or simply be the most popular person at the party online, the brand is meant to support the health of the business and the health of the business is measured in its stability which means it’s positive cash flow or profit after revenue, the health and stability of the team behind the business even if that’s just you, and the value of the products and or services that the business is based on. Vanity metrics are not important and what is important is making sure to ask yourself whenever you worry about not having enough followers is that the most important thing is if you’re actually getting business through your brand or through social media and if your business is operating and growing at a healthy rate. I can’t tell you how many wealthy business people I know or thriving entrepreneurs that don’t even have the coveted 10,000 followers minimum on Instagram and are doing better than influencers with either no business or a new and relatively unimportant business with maybe 100,000 followers or more. Branding is so much more than what it looks like and that’s truly the key that, if you walk away with anything here, ideally it’s that.

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