• Mia Cosco

Mastering Life In The New Normal of COVID-19

An adapted quote by L.P. Jacks:

“A person who is a master in the art of living makes little distinction between their work and their play, their labour and their leisure, their mind and their body, their education and their recreation, their love and their religion. 

They hardly know which is which and simply pursue their vision of excellence and grace. 

Whatever they do, leaving others to decide whether they are working or playing, to them they are always doing both.

Living fully expressed, they live the law of attraction, magnetizing what they want to create in the world.”

What does life mastery have to do with anything regarding COVID-19? Toilet paper shortages, small businesses suffering, and an economy on the brink.. who has time to think about self-development?

For some people, it's the strongest call at this time.

Psychologists are the bane of your existence. Think about it. You’re reading a book on success and how many times have you stumbled across the age-old story that a brilliant inventor or an amazing physicist or a lucrative business manager has had an idea that could revolutionize the lives of millions in a positive and efficient way? … Then, this brilliant individual is sentenced to a mental hospital when the idea is shared with others.

So you may be wondering, this is where the road ends for innovation. Even if you came up with a brilliant new public health plan or a new online business, essential services do not correspond and would *never* correspond with such airy fairy or hippie dippy or even just plain wrong and unscientific beliefs. 

For some, optimistic ways of looking at the world are not based on fact or science and any signs that anybody can come up of positive affirmations is absolutely garbage. Maybe you’re just a little bit skeptical or maybe you are an emerging spiritualist.

Here is the thing: what do you have to lose? 

A piece of paper and some ink to write out your dreams? 

The time spent on thinking of your best self and your best life as opposed to worrying and overwhelming yourself? 

You can think about it like this: how much time do you think you’ve spent in life undermining yourself or talking yourself out of opportunities you wish you could have taken? 

Any calculation you can come up with is priceless because there can be no number for it and, in fact, for some people, it has been since day one, and for an unfortunate many that hailed from a household that relished in fully conscious or subconscious negative self-talk, it started on day zero. 

When you press that pen to the ink however.. when you write down some real thoughts and you spend 30 minutes a day meditating on the person you want to become instead of 30 minutes to have an argument or put on more makeup or try to convince someone in the Youtube comments or get yourself in more debt on things you don't need...

Unbelievable things can happen. 

Anger management is only one type of therapy because anger is one of the most common known forces capable of destruction. What is the opposite of anger management - joy management? Peace management? Enlightenment management? I have yet to stumble upon one of those courses, but if you find one, I highly recommend that you point me in that direction and write a letter or give me a call so that I can investigate this amazing centre. 

In the meantime, joy management is not a common therapy because some people have a hard time even conjuring joy as readily as they do anger.

The energy of joy will carry you with the speed of a rocket, if you’re open to it next time, into unimaginable success. Opportunities will open as though doors. Money will flow like water falls. Relationships can happen in an instant. Dates can happen several times a week and marriages can take place a year from now or a month from now. Hospitals can be built years ahead of project schedule. Abandoned parents can be found in minutes and days. Clothing can appear in the closet as though time has sped up. Your bank account and your wallet can swell up like a balloon and unable to be popped. Interviews can lead to jobs and jobs can lead to careers and careers can lead to empires. Lifting 15 pounds one day can lead to lifting 500 pounds another. Drafts and tries and first takes can lead to revolutionary documentaries and award-winning products and plants that save companies. Rain can stop and sun can appear. An unknown electoral candidate can turn into a president and leaders can be made from secretaries or janitors. Rivers can become oceans and failing marriages can become passionate love stories. Schizophrenia can become a gift and autism can become a thing of the past. Books are read in days and novels are written in a matter of hours. 

How do I know this? 

Because of the countless cases of suggestive suicide I see and sometimes tune into every day. If every single person on this planet can undermine themselves and talk themselves out of great ideas and shoot themselves down for their experiences and their love, then they can also turn it around. 

Positive autosuggestion is seen as stupid because it’s not seen as commonly as destructive autosuggestion. When you apply yourself and your mind and your heart and your entire body to the point where eventually you feel every single cell and nerve in your body like a live wire just vibrating with your potential and the urge to create and manifest fortune from your fingertips, that energy and that power keeps up any force you can possibly imagine. 

What's the one thing that life masters are doing differently, in pandemics and not? They are sticking to routines and practices and habits that build their dreams, rain or shine, and should we all come together to even reach the lowest thresholds of success, we're building each other up. Stay 2 metres apart from each other for now.. and stay close in spirit because when we fill our cup every morning, we can fill everyone's cup around us for the whole day.

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