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The Hidden Mystery Behind Followers in 2020

My Own Mistakes

So, I’m just going to take us right back and let you know that I too have had it rough in terms of the engagement game.

Instagram engagement can really seem like a game sometimes and I am not immune to feeling that pitiful sense of questioning whether I matter or whether what I do is valuable because my follower's count wasn’t as high as someone else I was comparing myself to... or my feed just wasn’t as beautiful as yet another person I was comparing myself to. I once lacked so much confidence that in another video I address here, I was in a relationship that threatened my life because it was so abusive and I believed that I deserved that.

I lacked investment because I was in a job that was paying me way less than what I deserve because I didn’t even know if I deserved that much AND I was uncertain in my personal life and my personal relationships because I was distancing myself from my friends and loved ones because I kept wanting to prove to people that I was better than that.

I also was completely burnt out and had no time for anyone because when I wasn’t working this 9 to 5 that I was just scraping by on, I was spending all my time in my all-consuming relationship and wasn’t even dedicating quality time to me or the people that truly loved and supported me and one of the best for me.

When I found myself and eventually left that relationship and that soul-sucking career, I suffered again and I was still multi-passionate and not clear in what I was doing, so I just took up another job that kept me in the same 9-to-5 grind.

I didn’t really know how to plan and, in my dreams of being some sort of social media influencer or starting my own business, I thought I could never do it because I needed 10K followers at least to be able to feel confident to do that. While major companies that I’ve worked for typically only work with influencers that have at least 10K in the following, I personally had to figure out a lot more at that time than just hitting those numbers but I was obsessed with just the number. However, I couldn’t even really focus on that because I was just really distracted and I thought I just needed a bunch of really cool travelling pictures that people would like, so I made sure to take lots of trips and keep re-posting pictures from trips that I took a long time ago so that people could just follow me for these amazing visual vacation photos. I wasn’t strategizing and I didn’t know what I was doing.

Where I Made The Right Moves

So now, we come to the point where the magic entered my life and the light came in to really show me what I was doing that wasn’t working and why my mindset was really at the core of why I just wasn’t happy in virtually any area of my life.

I started to do the work to increase my confidence and I got more experience in what I didn’t like and found what I did like so that by the time 2020 rolled around, I knew what category I worked in (which was branding and marketing), and I knew that I wanted to stop being a consultant and trading time for money and that I wanted to really be my own boss and have financial freedom by being a coach.

I also found strength in how agile I was and how I worked on the go, so even though I was still taking on consultant gigs and still making an income for myself, I was starting a side hustle as a coach and putting feelers out there to new prospects and clients so that I could enter my side hustle without being desperate. I spent more time with my family and friends and made sure it was quality times by putting my phone away. I also started to learn from the best and some of my mentors in the space has been Sunny Lenarduzzi for YouTube content optimization strategy, Vanessa Lau on Instagram content and strategy, and other inspirational figures here and there (that I didn’t go quite as deep with) who really motivated my path. I was up for learning from the best and not just launching into my field, but thriving and mastering my field so that I was truly dominating the niche in which I worked in.

Eventually, I took the leap to start my own business and niche in words and I fully announced myself everywhere as a branding coach. I had to learn how to say no to more consulting gigs and putting my resume out there and only say yes to clients that I love working with who feel like soulmates. I stopped working with people that were soul-sucking and demanding more of me as nightmare clients and only working with wellness entrepreneurs who really are the ideal clients for me to work with and my favorite people to be around. I set myself up with positive people in relationships and, if you were to look at my life in 2020 as a garden, I stopped watering anxiety, pain, and victim mentality and I really started only to nourish and bring sun and water to love, bliss, and presence. While it wasn’t perfect and I had to learn a lot by stumbling and being challenged, I was able to surround myself with positive people that kept me on this track including my higher purpose partnership and my coach and my other friends that really kept my head above water.

I learned how to plan things out in terms of my content feed with Instagram and how even though there are so many influencers out there that are simply just giving out free content ideas and content ideas that last an entire year, I had to learn what worked for me and create a custom plan that matched my business category and my niche so that I was delivering valuable content on a consistent timeline and showing up for people and my followers so that they could show up for me.

I realized that over time, I had been following thousands of people and I really had to curb back and realize that by only following close family, friends, and thought leaders and influencers in my niche, I was setting myself up for success. The last time I had a rush on Instagram is all about was a story in where, in 2018 I believe, I really only started following probably around 100 people only and my content wasn’t consistent nor was I really planning or strategizing it, however I just started following a bunch of thought leaders like Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, and Oprah and by Instagram thinking that I was similar to these profiles because I was following so many, Instagram was suggesting me to all the millions of followers of these thought leaders whenever anybody went to the profiles of Tony Robbins, etc. So it was wild because I would just wake up to 1000 people following me overnight and so far, those followers actually haven’t unfollowed me which is interesting because I am not yet in the same league as a Richard Branson.

Where I Am At Now

I don’t even have 10K followers yet, but I get at least 10 DM’s a week of people directly asking me for my services, my rates, and sometimes even opportunities to speak or be interviewed. My business is able to survive in a true recession of the economy right now and I was able to take the leap and start my own business and be my own boss using powerful personal branding that I was just sitting on in terms of the years and years of knowledge I gained after graduating university. So even though I don’t have the coveted 10K followers minimum to do the swipe up feature and be considered for most well-known brand ambassadorships, I learned how to strategize my feed and use content scheduling platforms like Later and content automation services where my hashtags and even sometimes my captions and visual content could all be planned out relatively effortlessly with me only spending maximum one hour a week on my actual social media.

Imagine if you looked at your phone and you saw that you were only spending one hour a week on social media in the midst of a thriving business in the midst of a global recession.

imagine if you could stop playing the follow and unfollow game and considering bots to buy followers and you were just strategizing your content and you felt happy, aligned, and in your lane with a business that felt like play to you.

I made sure to focus and set aside time every day for my brand which didn’t even take a lot of time and just takes less and less time every day. I still do all my content planning and strategy myself with no team and I’m able to still be outside five hours a day loving life without even bringing my phone with me.

I also was able to sell things I never thought I would, like meditation courses and packages to teach wellness courses and also bringing in $10,000 in one night in ticket sales for an event that I had little to no reputation in advertising, didn’t do any paid advertising for and people even flew in from New York and LA to the event, which was in Vancouver, Canada, that I accomplished.

I also found my dream relationship and a higher purpose partnership that actually gave me more freedom and connections so that I could build my business and be 100% supported to do what I really loved even if I made a little bit less money at first.

I started to gain 50 organic follows a week and see reliable engagement on quality posts of mine.

My brand is now highly converting and my social media presence on Instagram is practically all I need to be actually having people signing contracts and willing to work with me and pay in full. I land my own clients and I close them on calls that I structure with the knowledge that I bring.

Like I said before as well, I was able to hire my own coach in the past six months to help me with this process and we are the best of friends as well.

I was being asked by everyone to help with their brand at one point, even friends who were willing to put our friendship on the line to get branding help for their business and they were paying just like any other high ticket client would.

I went from $20-$30 an hour as a hard-working consultant to $50 an hour as a coach purse tall, loving what I do and I will soon be able to charge $1000 per call at this point.

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