• Mia Cosco

the best profile pictures follow these rules

I want to share with you: what profile picture is most effective.

This post was really inspired by a client who came to me and said "what should I put as my profile picture? Should it be my logo? Should it be a picture of me?"

That's a really good question.

The profile picture is what makes you look good. It's your first impression that makes you look attractive. Now, if you are a health and wellness entrepreneur, your profile picture should be only one picture of you with your face showing as much as possible.

Typically, profile pictures are so small on Facebook and on Instagram and people are just sort of glossing over you but that's valuable real estate. I always say that a good headshot has your face showing as much as possible and ideally smiling.

Even though I've been a model, I'm tired of seeing serious faces and smiling is universally contagious.

If you are smiling, other people are typically smiling and even if you don’t like your smile, your smile will make people more attentive to work with you, collaborate with you, buy from you etc.

You know when people are looking for people to follow on Instagram and find you in the suggested section? Social media makes it easier for people to find other people to follow by putting them into suggested lists and this really helps support businesses who fully rely on social media.

By the way, you shouldn't fully rely on social media - you should actually have some sort of static lead magnet, website, or something so that you can not rely on the unpredictable nature of social media to drive your whole business.

Now, the background behind you is important to consider. Now, there's millions of black or white backgrounds, but if you want to pop a bit more colour and uniqueness in your profile picture, I always recommend a colourful background.

To create this, a free background remover for your photos so you can remove any background in any photo is the first step. A picture with you smiling not only attracts attention to you for you for you be someone to watch, but a colorful background communicates to all of your friends and beyond that as being really approachable and putting your best foot forward.

Not as being the cool kid at the party when it comes to social media, but as the friendly one whose actually socializing at the party and talking to anyone and everyone. Everyone wants to follow the actual friendly one so a colorful background is a great element of your profile picture.

Now, if your social media is a business profile or a business page on social media, yes, use your logo but if it’s a page, it's more than a personal brand of an individual - it's a business.

If you are the primary face of the brand, you want to be using a picture of yourself.
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