• Mia Cosco

the 3 C's of any powerful brand


I have three values that I operate my brand around and I call them my three C’s:

1. consistency

2. clarity

3. cohesion


In branding and marketing, when you’re putting yourself out there on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, whatever it is, something really important is consistency.

Consistency may have been something you hear about in relationships: "if you’re not consistently here every night at 6 PM for dinner, you’re not getting any dinner and I’m gonna be pissed off at you."

When people talk about consistency in relation to their brand, what they’re talking about is showing up for people. The essence of consistency is just showing up. Showing up regularly, on time and a lot of consistency has to do with integrity. If you tell yourself that you’re going to be posting on Instagram everyday or you’re going to be sharing your writing on your blog every week, that’s your word. That’s integrity and in order to be consistent with something, like wanting to work out, you've got to go to the gym every day or every week - whatever works for you - and you've actually got to do it. This is where the talk stops and the action begins. My first C or my first value (there’s no real ranking here; I see my three C's equally) is consistency: showing up regularly.

The truth to being an online entrepreneur is that you have to show up for people or they’re not gonna show up for you. I’m 100% dead serious. If you don’t show up online (email newsletters, social media, your YouTube or you don’t have a website), you’re not showing up for people in the way that you want them to show up for you.

A lot of people I meet these days want to travel all over the world and be a digital nomad. Millennials especially want to live that lifestyle as an online entrepreneur where you can work from anywhere but the truth of that is that you will not have that if you are not showing up consistently in your brand. If you are not marketing yourself consistently, people aren't going to show up for you. Why would I want to give my time or my hard earned cash to somebody who isn't even taking the time to show up for me?


The second value in the three C’s around branding, from my experience, is clarity. This goes a step beyond just showing up regularly; this is really how you show up. Clarity is an alignment of living and breathing your brand.

My business mentor, Vanessa Lau, talks extensively about how if you can’t dumb down complex ideas and topics into concise action steps or simple sentences, you’re not speaking to your audience well and I meet with a lot of creatives. A lot of my clients are incredibly talented and creative. A lot of people can’t understand the creative mind - or so they think. If you are a creative entrepreneur, healer or a health and wellness entrepreneur, then you probably have some sort of talent or gift and maybe how you feel about it is that you can’t really communicate yourself clearly.

If you can't communicate it clearly, well, I have news for you: you’re gonna have to figure out how to communicate yourself clearly. You’re probably not going to have any sort of clarity if not! I don’t care whether you heal with the body, meditation teaching, you do events or ceremony facilitation - whatever it is that you’re doing, if you’re not clear about what it is exactly that you do or what your brand is (because no one is an island), you’re not communicating clearly and you’re losing out.

A way to figure out how to communicate yourself clearly: I recommend writing workshops because clarity, next to consistency, is some of the assets for your brand.


The third value is cohesion.

I want you to consider how many social media platforms you've signed up. Whether you are a healer or a health expert, if you are on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Clubhouse, etc... I know people who are making six figures, well on their way to making seven figures and they’re only on one platform. They do it really really well. Here’s the problem you run into as a business owner if you’re just joining a million social platforms because you think that will help your brand get more exposure: that’s not the only thing you have to do.

Cohesion is all about showing up on different platforms similarly. If on one platform, you say that you are a massage therapist, but then on YouTube, you are a hairstylist, and then on Facebook, you are a Reiki practitioner.. I don’t see continuity. That’s where cohesion is missing. If someone wants me to pay them $1000 a month, maybe $5000 a month or 10K and maybe they have 20,000 followers on Instagram, they've gotten brand engagement - congrats - but then something totally different advertised on their YouTube, I don’t care how many subscribers they have. I’m thinking: "are they serious about being a coach?"

I don’t feel comfortable paying for a service-based entrepreneur, even if I really want to, when they're showing up differently on all these different platforms. I get a little suspicious that you might just take my money and run away or that you are not who you say you are. I also worry if you’re not credible. Bottom line: if you think that strategy is gonna help you get all sorts of different revenue streams or income streams - think again. Concentrate on one niche. Communicate on all the different platforms similarly. Make sure you are here to serve similarly on different platforms in different channels to promote continuity.

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