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struggle with a niche? here's what to do

Someone’s niche is something you hear a lot about the online entrepreneurship and digital marketing world. Unfortunately, a lot of people just typically associate a niche with being put in a box which is actually not happening. You are not being put in a box when you niche yourself and that’s a really important distinction to make and one that I constantly make in coaching my clients. In fact, what you’re actually doing with niching is you’re putting a sign on your door and you’re actually telling people (certain, specific people) why are you are the perfect go-to person.

If you are looking to be the perfect go to person for a group of people who desperately need your healing, I really recommend that you continue reading so that you know what a niche is and the importance of it.

niche fundamentals

So, without further ado, a niche is comprised of several distinct components and often confused with a category. If you are a fitness coach, that’s your category. If you are a branding coach like me, that’s just a category. If you didn’t already know, my category is Branding and Marketing, however that’s simply not enough in a world where anyone can use marketing and branding skills, so my niche actually specifies me even further. A niche is composed of a few things:

who do you serve?

I want to know who you serve. What population of people are you specifically helping, empowering, serving and/or teaching? You want to specify the people that you want to work with that need your help and this is really important to figure out because you don’t want to be working with just anyone. It’s like online dating; you wouldn’t swipe right on everything! Finding your ideal clients or customers and target market is very similar to finding your soulmate. This is why I tend to call my clients my 'soulmate clients' because we’ve talked and we decided that it’s the right fit for both of us.

If you're going to be working with somebody, I think we should deeply desire doing so at a specific level. You want to be as specific as you can about this. For example, I can say that I help entrepreneurs but I don’t help real estate entrepreneurs because I don't know that industry. I don’t help restaurant owner entrepreneurs because I also don't know that industry. I actually help health and wellness entrepreneurs because I do know that industry! I help people who are Reiki instructors, meditation teachers, and yoga teachers - those are the types of people that I work with, even sound healers and other coaches like relationship or life coaches. Those are my types of people and that’s my tribe. I want to help and serve them.

how do you help?

When you’re giving your niche statement, you also want to be detailing how you help them so you want to be talking about your method. Most niche statements start with "I help..." Well, there’s better words we can use. I actually say, "I empower..." or "I lift up..." or "I boost..." You could really use a lot of different kinds of additives and that’s a thesaurus' job, that’s not really my job, but it’s important to figure out how you help people. I say that "I empower health and wellness entrepreneurs with uncertainty in their brand."

what's the point A and point B?

The next part of the statement is detailing the point A and point B of who we want to be working with. For example, if you’re a fitness coach and you want to take people from overweight to skinny, that’s your niche! If it’s more complicated than that, like maybe there’s a method that you use - maybe you specifically work with people on Pilates when you’re doing fitness or maybe if you’re a dog walker, you say, "I help people with a busy life walk their dogs." I want to know the point A and point B of your target market and in my statement for me, a lot of the health and wellness entrepreneurs that I work with have had a lot of uncertainty and are hesitant about social media because they’re not putting themselves out there strategically.

The next part of the statement: is there a point B? If you want to be talking about where you can take them, you can follow my example: a lot of health and wellness entrepreneurs want to create a retreat centre one day or if not, perhaps they at least want a thriving, heart-centred business.

I actually polled people who were my specific target group to work with on this very question. I asked, "what do you most want or most desire in your career?" They answered "I want a thriving online business or a heart centred healing business" and that’s exactly what I say I do.


I’m running a business of integrity here which is a really important thing to point out. *DO NOT* say that you help people with certain things if you don’t! This is an important business practice and provides the entire foundation if you actually say that you help people get from point A to point B. Make sure that you actually got from point A to point B *yourself* OR that you just help other people get there. This is really important to know.

what do you do?

Another part of your niche statement that you can put in is your method. For me, I actually have a ten-step signature system so my niche statement really is "I empower health and wellness entrepreneurs with my 10-step signature system to overcome uncertainty on social media and create a thriving heart-centred business." If you think that’s a mouthful, keep in mind that that’s exactly the one sentence I say about my business. I don’t need to say anything more; I don’t need to say, "oh yeah, and I was a model before" or "oh yeah, and you know, I organized an event that raised $10K in one night." I don’t need to say that unless they really ask me more about that or about what I’ve done. Less is more and when you are confident, you don’t have to explain yourself. You can stay in who you are, what you do, and how you help. That’s the gift of a niche statement and that’s why it doesn't put you in a box; it simply is the sign on your door, so I think about it like the title of an amazing book. It gets them in the door, it gets you business and if you put yourself out there in a way that does feel aligned, that's a powerful niche statement.

specialists get gigs

I really want to emphasize that a niche statement is very important, because if you don’t have a niche, you’re likely not going to be booked for speaking gigs. If you ever want to be a public speaker, talk on stages or be interviewed on a podcast, you really have to be a specialist because specialists get speaking gigs - not generalists. You want to make sure that you are actually specializing in niching yourself with speaking gigs and podcast interviews.

a niche gets referrals

Another thing about niching that I really want you to take away from this too is that niching is really important for the purposes of making sure you get referred. If a friend comes to me and says "oh my goodness, you know, I’m going through all these problems in my relationship and constantly in and out of relationships with men..." If I know a relationship coach that's niched themselves into helping single women, I’m going to say, "hey! I know a perfect coach for you. You should message her!" If you’re a coach who is a great relationship coach but you’re putting them but you're putting yourself out there as just a random life coach, you're not really going to enrol people. A random life coach is not really going to be seen as a perfect go-to person for my single girlfriend who really needs some help with their relationship. That’s an example of why it’s important to niche yourself because if you don’t niche yourself, people will not recognize you as the perfect go to person for something and they won’t be able to refer you. You won’t be easily recommended and you can't have those benefits of being seen as the perfect go-to expert on something.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you learned something about niching yourself and became inspired to work on your niche and develop a niche statement. I would love for you to tell me more so you can tell me either in the comments or you can message it to me and I would love to look at it. Please sign up this link for a completely free complementary 90 minute training I’m going to be giving on how to brand yourself as a healer:

I can’t wait to see you there! Have a wonderful day.

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