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organize social media content for a month using TRELLO

I know that we’re getting back into 2021 and it’s just been the craziest year in 2020.

I have received a lot of inquiries from clients and prospects and leads to how I get so much done and the reason why they are asking is because they want to plan. They want to know how they can easily just create beautiful pieces of content for Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook (whatever their social media platform of choice is) and they want it looking good and organize it.

Every time I have an idea for a piece of content, I basically re-purpose that piece of content and I put it out on different channels in different formats. For Instagram, a little graphic, and then on YouTube, it's a whole explanatory video. YouTube is where I put out the richest content because it's visual, audio and in motion.

As a Branding Coach, my brand needs to be solid so that people know that whether you are an expert in aromatherapy, Reiki, whatever it is, I'm showing you how I beautifully brand myself so that you can too.

OK, so this is my Trello board. I’m using my MacBook Air and you can use it like this on any type of computer you’re using as long as you can download apps.

So with Trello, their whole style is a way where it’s drop-down vertically in kanban style.

Visually, the way I plan things out is across-the-board. This is the second week of January right now.

I just chose this Egyptian background of Isis or Hathor to motivate me, but you can choose an endless array of backgrounds. Ideally, choose something that motivates you!

So, because this is week two in January, at the top of the list, I have content finding and this is actually where I list resources to get ideas for content.

I can go to blogs that I really like, I can go to Udemy and search for the courses in my niche or I can go on my Instagram and literally just ask people in a poll what they would like to hear from me on. There are also some resources here for me if I need to generate titles, headlines or ideas as well. Right now, I have content ideas for the next few months at least!

People have asked me, OK, how are you on 6 different social platforms? FYI, I'm on YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, this blog, and an email newsletter that I'm all active on at least once a week.

So for YouTube, this is my YouTube card. Basically, I have my thumbnail as the cover photo, I actually have a description for my video in the description of my card and then below, I also have tags that I’m going to use for my video and I get those from

You can create this for monthly, weekly, even daily posting - however long you want to.

So, after YouTube, I have my Facebook card with the actions in the description;


My blog;

My email newsletter;

I spend one day a week planning out this whole thing and then one day a week from there refining and editing... I hope that helps you!

I hope it’s a good technique and getting ideas because there’s really just nothing more annoying when you’re so ready and when your hair looks good to post something... but you’re scrambling to figure out what to post.

I hope you like this. If you did, please comment below. I super appreciate you reading!

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