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interview with oriane lee johnston: relationships, wisdom & how to apply tarot readings to life

Oriane really treated me to an experience and amazing reflection that I carried with me in the following 3 to 6 months.

I acted on what she shared with me in her magic with the tarot and how I have applied it to my life has just been so immense in all areas mentally, physically, spiritually to optimize what I’m here on earth to do and Oriane helped me see that in her reading.

I am super thrilled to be talking to her today!

Oriane: “What I can say is what a tarot reading is. We shuffle the cards and lay them out and then there’s a sequence that we turn them over and we are seeing what’s the overarching theme. Right now, where is the opening in your life and what are you opening into? The next card shows you the bigger picture, you know, sometimes we are pretty contained and maybe have blinders on, but this takes the blinders off."

If we go up to the eagle eye view or the Google earth camera, what’s the biggest picture so you can get your bearings in a more expansive way? Look at what is your assignment for the next month or two depending on the length of time the reading is going for. There is a card of reflection: what goes deep in your soul, what’s your foundation inside yourself? That’s one of the most important things and you spoke about that when you said, “returning to yourself.

And then we look at: what is the way forward in the everyday world?

This is not an esoteric conversation; this is really applying principles to the practical questions and concerns of my life, your life. We have the reading and then we look at: what’s the main influence from the past? And that’s also very helpful or some people think there are some difficulty and the past card shows that, in fact, that’s not the case anymore and it helps you get present with what you have accomplished instead of still being pulled back into things that are unresolved and difficult in the past.

Then there is a card that reflects where you have the most support from the universe (whatever your word for the universe is; the divine, God, the Creator, the ancestors). Where are you supported? I don’t have to put my attention near it so that’s kind of the sequence and there are more cards, but we take about an hour and a quarter, and then, as you know, you receive a photograph of the cards afterward."

Yes, the audio recording and picture was something I revisited a month after our reading and made copious notes that I am still living by, now that we've reached the end of 2020. I hear the passion and the wisdom in your voice at the same time and I’m curious: why does the tarot speak to you?

"I started with an introductory workshop when I was in my Saturn return about to turn 30 and nothing made any sense. It was a way of viewing the world in our human experience. I had no idea there was, you know, there’s the physical (the body), the action (material), the earth (world), the cognitive (the mind; consciousness; beliefs; values; expression), heart (soul; intuition; relational) and then the spiritual life. The tarot suit corresponds to an element and spirit of fire which is inspiring, literally inspiring, so that’s where the passion is for: what’s your good medicine?

This is different than a kind of transcendent conception of spirit, so I really want to offer people practical applications of these esoteric principles to their life and all the tarot cards fit on the tree of life (which is 10 stars) and that represents a tenfold process of creative manifestation. I’m not fond of the word manifestation, but there’s an opening and then there are 10 steps along the way, whether you’re writing a book, creating a new business, all kinds of things... and then there’s a fulfillment.

It’s good to know where you are; are you in the fore, which is just starting and containing? Are you on the side where it’s time to let go and get some other input?

Are you in the creative, intuitive imagination time? Or is it time to start getting strategic and more specific in terms of planning? I found it very helpful to give me a frame of reference and I especially like it because it’s dynamic; it’s about your life right now for the next, whether we choose six months, period of time and it’s not definitive. Here are your characteristics and here is the way it is; its fluid, dynamic, and responsive."

Yeah, I definitely feel that with the different interpretations. The cards and the different energies in the cards were so dynamic and it was quite a learning experience as well. So, I’m curious: can you tell me a bit more about the applications in tarot?

"Here’s one: there are three different kinds of cards. One reflects: what’s your inner journey right now? What’s your internal reality? The other kind of card shows you: what are the circumstances and conditions in your life that you’re dealing with? The Royal cards, like in a regular card deck, reflect: where is your power? Is it in doing, thinking, feeling, being? Are your actions and your values aligned for your head and your heart? We think of a practical application, just with those power cards. Am I supposed to take action or am I supposed to just stay with these feelings? That’s super helpful if you're in a relationship."

Yeah and at the time, I was going through a lot of ebbs and flows in my relationship so it was wonderful to just come back to 'me' for an hour with you and remember that the reason why there are ebbs and flows in my relationship is that there are ebbs and flows in me right now.

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