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how to convert features into benefits

I specifically coach health and wellness entrepreneurs on their marketing strategy and I work with them to really show up online consistently, concisely, and cohesively. If you don’t know much about that, just know that branding is basically most things visual to a business or brand: your logo, your copy, anybody’s sales page, or even an email. Anything visual in a brand is really what I am knowledgeable on and it is really my mission and my calling to help boost the businesses within health and wellness. This could be certified Reiki practitioners, sound healers, meditation teachers, lifestyle coaches - basically, anyone whose mission it is is to put something positive into the world that would otherwise not exist to heal.


On most sales pages of a course or program online, you’ll see features like this:

This course contains:

  • six video modules

  • 15 worksheets

  • 15 calls with me 1:1

This keeps me informed, but that is a very standard level. That is the base level. You really want to be elevated beyond that - essentially thinking bigger than that because this is your sales page. It is high-value real estate.


I recently launched a coaching program called Start Your Wellness Biz and this is all about actually helping wellness business owners launch their brand in a way that is highly strategic. I mean to convert people into clients, people into customers and we get on these weekly Zoom calls. We go through an element of a brand like a logo, copywriting, or social media like Instagram posts specifically over six months.

Let’s take one feature of my coaching program:

  • Access to slideshow materials

So essentially, when you’re on the Zoom call with a bunch of people and I send my individual slides out after that to get access to the materials.

Okay, why does that matter? Why do I care?

You’re able to review the materials after the session on your own.

The next question I’m gonna ask is, what problem existed beforehand? This is just meant to retrace your steps, so you want to be looking at: what problem does slideshow material access solve?

Well, when you’re in a group coaching course, people are talking and you feel the urge to write things down, try to capture them, and remember things. The problem is that you feel a sense of urgency which actually really takes away from being present in the course. If you’re so worried about trying to write everything down, it takes you away from being present in the actual course.

Here is the next part: what is the core pain?

You might be feeling stressed or overwhelmed if you feel like you have to write everything down.

Okay, so then: why does it matter that I have slideshow material? Why does it matter in the bigger scheme of things?

You actually are more prone to launch your business idea because you get to look at all the materials that I have prepared for you and you actually get to craft your business idea with more mindfulness. You bring more presence and am more conscious.

Why does it matter for launching your business idea? Why do they need to have all the materials to launch? What’s the link there?

Your customer is looking at all the materials and all the notes in front displayed and they have peace of mind, so even if you want more, you can start with having everything you *need.*

The next thing you want to think about is the benefit.

We’re getting to my favorite part because I really do consider myself a branding magician and marketing mystic. I love to transform and just create new things for my clients all the time, so your wellness business can be launched well.

The benefit is:

“Don’t let overthinking ruin your peace of mind.”

That’s where the crescendo really happens here.

Remember this: when you’re trying to sell a coaching program, a wellness product, or yourself essentially as a service provider, really think about the benefits.

I don’t care if you have six video modules. I care about my own peace of mind. What I care about is transformation. I want to know how it’s gonna benefit me. Okay great, if you give me six video modules, all I wanna know is: how will they benefit me? How am I actually going to benefit?

You’re not only providing the information and you’re appealing to not only the rational logical mind, but you’re also appealing to the self-serving part of human nature. You’re basically saying to someone, yes, here are those five worksheets. Why you want those five worksheets is because you get to launch your wellness business effectively and you are doing your work yourself to feel more prepared to launch.

I want to know your feedback on what you learned in terms of features and benefits and maybe give me a feature of something in your business or brand that you read that changed into a benefit!

If you’re curious about the group coaching, go to my Instagram profile because the link there is in the bio and if it’s not easy for you to find or if you’re having trouble and you’d just like to message me about it, I’d be happy to provide that for you. I respond to my messages so if you do that, you’ll hear from me in or within 24 hours. I hope you found some features that you could convert into benefits. I hope you create better branding, a more successful you, and that you enjoy yourself.

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