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how canva works (instagram post tutorial)

Sometimes, people ask me: "how do you make such beautiful posts on Instagram?"

Here is a tutorial for you using the entirely free platform of Canva.

  1. Head to

2. Ideally, you have or can create a Brand Guide (mine shown above).

A great Brand Guide, ideally made by a branding agency *once you have a tried and true tested model and proof of concept of your business idea complete with testimonials and an initial flywheel/scalability,* has typography, a color palette, and other mission/values components of your brand all packaged up.

3. Must: A mood board. Why? The feelings of a brand are what people buy, NOT the product or service necessarily. People buy from YOU and YOUR BRAND over anyone else because your brand is carrying a feeling for them or transformation that they want to have.

The few pictures that should covet the places of your mood board inform the main 3 colours. Mine happen to be blush, dusty rose and a pampas grass brown.

4. Here's the complete color palette. The main colors also have distinct darker colors that create layers to the colors for your website, social media etc.

How to create a delicious Instagram post is first to make sure you're noting the HEX color codes (shown above) and copy one, for example.

You can figure out the HEX codes of any color in Canva by clicking on the color of the element in Canva, clicking on the color square in the header above, clicking on the rainbow icon of "New color" and finding the HEX code in that grid.

5. Here's a blank Instagram post template (available to start creating in Canva's template bank). I've copied the HEX code and pasted it in the background colour of this blank design here.

6. Say you want to create a piece of content that's a quote. Insert Text, type the quote (making sure to give credit to who said it!) and voila.

7. If you want the text to be an on-brand color as well, feel free to do the same thing you did before: copy a complimentary HEX color code from your brand guide and paste it in the text color of your post.

8. Okay, now let's make sure your font is on brand. You know, your typeface? Ideally, you should have two different types of fonts: your header font (which may also be your body, button & navigation font) and your feature script font. My go-to font, which is my body font, is Cormorant Garamond, so I have to change the font of my post to be on-brand and consistent as an authority online.

9. There we go.

10. Oh, but wait - I tried the light blush color in my brand guide but it didn't show up well with the dusty rose background. Feel free to sub in regular ol' black or white for this conundrum. I used white text with the dusty rose backdrop. Make sure it looks good - don't skimp out on the ease and beauty of your post! Other people will notice what you fail to.

Lastly, always watermark :) Use your handle at the bottom or your logo.

Tell me if this was helpful!

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