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demystifying search engines and SEO for your business

This post is all about search engines: what they are and how they work for your business so if you questions, look no further because I'm here to completely demystify SEO.

OK so, first of all, the reason why you could listen to me on this is because I am a Branding Coach, so I work exclusively one on one with health and wellness entrepreneurs with powerful personal branding.

What you’re going to learn today is how search engines work and, at the end, you'll get a really good handle on the knowledge of how to use and understand the algorithm.

There are a number of search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo, among others. The main one is Google so you want to be paying the most attention to your search results in Google.

A great goal of any SEO is that your current business and your current offer that you most want people opt into show up within the first three results or at least on the first page of your search results. Ideally, on the first page, when you look up your name or your business name, there is at least one social media profile, like a link to your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and/or YouTube. Whatever it is, that’s up on the first page up by the first result (ideally your website is the first result and anything below that is maybe some press mentions or blog posts published on Elephant Journal or Thrive Global, etc).

Say that you’re just creating your website or you’re just designing the website: important things to know as you’re creating and designing it that a great website editor and platform like Wix, for example, will help you to do is asking for your name and business name. For example, if you are a hairdresser and in your local neighbourhood, we want the local residents to look up 'hairdressing' or 'haircuts' online in their city or neighborhood and have you show up as one of the top names.

The way to accomplish this is to have decide on a few keywords. My keywords are: psychedelics, branding and well-being. Those keywords have to be actually written on every single page of my website and they have to be in the description when somebody Googles me.

Really good SEO is when you look up someone’s name and the first 10 results on that first page of Google when you look up someone’s name and business name is their website and their social media.

Those are really optimal search results and you can do that by going into the back end of your website and dropping these keywords into every single page on your website by literally writing it on every single page in the description and this helps people when they’re Googling for a service, like hairdressing for example, that they find you first because you’re optimized on the search engines. I want to let you know that this isn't trivial; people find services in business now through Google.

If you’re not setting up the back-end of your website and your social media with the keywords that are important to you and your brand, you're missing an edge that your competitors are gaining on you. The number one thing that you can do as a takeaway from this video is to decide on the keywords in your brand and business and actually drop those keywords into the back-end of your website.

Make sure that you have all of that set up and ready to go on and this will help you be found easier.

You don’t want any sort of uncontrollable amount of PR or negative press in your search results when people are looking at products and your services to use.

If you’re curious to learn more about search engines specifically, I would highly encourage you to sign up for my coaching program because we talk all about the importance of search engines, how to rank higher in Google and get your brand visible. We talk about how to actually gather reviews and testimonials quickly and well from people. Feel free to head to to sign up for my email list and receive a free training on this.

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