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brand archetypes for coaches

This was really exciting and fun for me to make, but also something fun to now present to you (I talk in another video about the 12 Jungian brand archetypes, like the Creator and the Hero, and these are really corresponding to household names like IKEA and Target).

I was recently inspired by a client I was working with and my partner shared with me, "you know Mia, I know that you really like to work with branding archetypes and use them in your work with clients to create branding elements. You're using archetypal language that’s initially from Jung and then was re-developed by someone, The Ionic Fox, but you know, you should be creating one for wellness service providers (typically coaches)."

So, 'brand archetypes for coaches' was something I had been thinking about since and I actually created an entire diagram about it, which I’m going to present here:

I’m gonna walk you through it because it's something I created on my own. I haven’t seen anybody else create something like this!

Brand archetypes, first and foremost, are the 12 Jungian archetypes (archetypes developed by Carl Jung; a very, very prominent psychologist - really, one of the grandfathers of modern Western psychology who basically developed a framework of 12 ideas or 12 concepts as icons that we all resonate with in different ways).

leaving a legacy

The first part I want to talk about is the archetype of leaving a legacy.

This is all about how basically you start something or you initiate or create something (statues in honour of or be known worldwide/globally).

The first thing we’re gonna talk about is the archetype that not only wants to leave a legacy, but do so to feel liberation - and this is the archetype of the Outlaw.

The Outlaw is all about challenging conformity, breaking the rules, and defying the norms. If you don’t know about Gary Vaynerchuk or Gary Vee as he's commonly known, is that he’s the chairman of VaynerX, which is a modern-day media and communications holding company. Gary is the active CEO of VaynerMedia, which is an ad agency and it services Fortune 100 clients. Gary Vaynerchuk is really well-known in the marketing industry, not only because he is the CEO of a major communications holding company but also he’s a 5X New York Times best-selling author and a serial entrepreneur.

Gary is very Outlaw-ish because he’s all about working hard, putting yourself out there as much as possible, creating as much content as much as possible and he's all about disrupting convention. Gary Vee is on top of that; he started out as an immigrant, he lived with a big family in a small apartment in Queens, New York and he's really just been an entrepreneur since day one. He’s always wanted to capitalize, always wanted to, you know, make a profit, make his family proud and leave a legacy which explains his current success, so that’s why I chose Gary Vaynerchuk as the Outlaw.

Going back to my chart here, now do you understand more about that category?

We’re gonna talk about leaving a legacy in the name of power and that is the Magician.

The Magician is a very compelling archetype to specifically, you know, transform current circumstances into the unknown to really disrupt the convention. The Magician is in service of the transformation, it’s in service of, you know, power in taking nothing and turning something insignificant and small and whipping it up, transforming it magically into something very significant, big and powerful.

I chose Oprah Winfrey for this. Now, why did I choose Oprah Winfrey for this? Well, Oprah is someone who really started out as, you know, a broadcaster in media and in her prime, she was talking about only the fluff stories and typical news stories, but she worked her way up in broadcasting to eventually talk about the most cutting-edge topics in this last century. She was talking about abortion before it was acceptable and divorce and co-parenting before it was in fashion. With her Super Soul Sunday podcast and emphasis on spirituality, self-help and empowerment, she's a passionate advocate of the civil rights movement and the women’s rights movement, as well. She’s all about basically taking those underdogs and putting them on her platform to get their message out into the world more so they can transform and do more good work in the world. That’s why I chose Oprah as the Magician and if you haven’t heard of Oprah, my goodness, what are you doing here? Go and make sure you figure out more about this person because she really is a magician (at least, that’s her brand right now).

The next part of leaving a legacy is mastery, so really mastering a craft.

You mastering something means you are the go-to leader, undisputed, definite 100% person in your field and you have mastered something.

The only person I could think of for this especially in the coaching world and health and wellness world was Tony Robbins.

Tony Robbins, in this way, I believe fulfills the archetype of the Hero. The Hero comes in and saves the day, rescues people from pain, all wounds wipe away and all the tears are wiped away because the Hero is there to save the day, so I chose Tony Robbins for this because there’s just no one else like Tony Robbins. He is arguably the most well-known coach in the world and I don’t know many people who would dispute that honestly. He is one of those success stories where he literally was raised by an incredibly abusive mother in a broken home, became a janitor, had a child at an early age with a girlfriend and the cards just weren’t in his favor. There were moments where he could not find enough to eat, but now he’s not only an entrepreneur, he’s a number one New York Times best-selling author and he is the number one life and business strategist in the United States, hands down.

He's been doing this for more than four decades, so if Tony Robbins isn't the master in his field, I don't know who is.


Connection is another brand or category.

The first part means connecting for the purposes of being intimate with somebody (that doesn’t mean sexual, per see) or your guard being down and sharing with someone a part of you that you don’t share with many people.

I chose David Deida for the Lover. David Deida has written so many books on the male and female energetic connections, gender polarities, gender synergy and he uses the word 'love' in his books like nobody’s business, so I had to choose him for this one.

Moving right along, another part of connection is enjoyment, so enjoying is all about the Jester obviously, because the Jester just wants to play, have fun, and make people laugh.

I chose Marie Forleo for this.

The reason why I chose Marie Forleo is that she is such a playful person, she’s always dancing, she’s always making jokes and she just has this really funny laugh, style and playfulness to her that cannot be mistaken. I actually chose her as the Jester because I find that she’s all about connection.

The third element of connection is belonging.

Belonging is really all about helping people feel understood by relating with them and essentially getting on their level, so I actually chose Brendon Burchard for this because this is the archetype of the girl or guy-next-door. The Everyman or Everywoman is that person who doesn’t really stand out too much and does a better job of blending in, and with that said, they're someone whose not overly loud or overly crazy and they don't want to stand out or put themselves out there too much either. I thought Brendon Burchard was perfect for this because I feel like Brendon Burchard doesn’t really put himself out there too intensely. He’s not super intimidating and I find that he has a very relatable brand.


The next and third eye category of brand archetypes for coaches is structure.

There are three different parts to structure and the first is service, so structuring a service is actually within the archetype of the Caregiver. The Caregiver is all about providing structure in service, which can be in offering a Band-Aid, providing love, and selling empowerment. I totally picked Marianne Williamson because of her books and, regardless of whatever you think of her presidential capacity (as she did run to be the President of the United States), she is very much a spiritual thought leader and one of her biggest books is A Return to Love. I really chose her as the Caregiver because she’s always in service. She also founded Project Angel Food, which is a nonprofit, and it’s delivered more than 13 million meals to ill and dying patients since 1989, so she’s definitely a caregiver through and through or at least her brand is.

The second component of wanting to have structure because you want to have control in your environment is the archetype of the Ruler. The Ruler is all about making sure the rules are followed and that the laws are obeyed, so who embodied this? I actually thought about Jim Kwik. Now, you might not think of Jim Kwik considering he’s all about being 'limitless' and talking about memory and speed reading as someone who's not necessary a Ruler, but he is incredibly mind-oriented. Jim is very reason-oriented and he is all about teaching people how to learn so that you can work your brain to reach your full potential. He's all about optimizing and using what you got. He’s all about speed reading, memory retention, becoming smarter, and re-claiming your mental power in that way. His way of providing structure is in enforcing that you can control your mind to further whatever you want right. He's all about how to learn better.

Another element to structure is innovation, so really looking at a structure to create new systems and processes within so the archetype that corresponds to that is the Creator.

Think of the inventor or think of someone who pioneers new technologies. I picked Grant Cardone for this and you might be thinking, why (if you know him or if you don’t know him, I'll explain more)? I really thought of Grant Cardone as the Creator because he’s all about 10X-ing business income in life, elevating business elevating, how you think about an income and elevating the way you live your life to create something new. He is known as the number one sales and marketing trainer in the world and, trust me when you look at his Mastermind and course price points, he charges steep. He is not cheap to talk to or book with or anything like that. A book that he wrote was titled, 'If You’re Not First, You're Last' and you might say, OK, well if you’re not first, you could be second or third unless there are only two people.. so you see what I mean, he’s really all about innovating the current structures that we live in to create a new one. That’s why him saying, 'if you’re not first, you're last' because if you’re not the first to create or the first to innovate, then you’re not the Creator, right? He definitely embodies the Creator.


Moving right along to the last component of this map is spirituality. Spirituality goes into its own brand category actually. A lot of the clients I follow would consider themselves spiritual and I would as well.

With that said, there are three elements to spirituality and one of them is safety. This corresponds to the archetype of the Innocent and I actually chose Gabby Bernstein for this and you might be thinking: she’s been very forthcoming about her struggles, but here’s the thing: you go to Gabby Bernstein‘s website and it’s all pink and very girly and everything is written in this beautiful script font. She’s all about manifesting what you want and becoming the happiest person. With all that, I’m thinking she’s putting herself out there pretty innocently. Her deep message isn’t discounted, but in that, she is actively employing spirituality in a safe way, so she is saying: explore your spirituality, explore that side of you and I’ll hold your hand. Gabby is great for that.

The second component of spirituality is understanding, so this is about really understanding yourself and celebrating lifelong learning. Learning never stops, right? This is the Sage; the person who is always reading books, so this is actually Marisa Peer. Now, whether or not you know about Marisa Peer, she is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, celebrity therapist, and hypnotherapist.

The reason why I chose Marisa Peer for this is that she’s very well known in the UK. She is all about celebrating lifelong learning because she’s constantly putting out content. Not only does she obviously read books, but she does talks. She’s a therapist for celebrities, she also has learned hypnotherapy so it seems like even at her age, she is actively learning and she has at least a dozen offers on there that she puts out and these are all different things. There’s a few masterclasses, there’s a webinar, there’s a download of a book, there’s a meditation download and there’s many courses and she just doesn’t stop so she’s constantly learning. That’s why I chose her.

For this specific and last archetype in the spiritual category, the final category is freedom, so feeling that personal sense of freedom and not just being liberated, like the Outlaw, but freedom from influence, freedom from negative voices and self talk in your head, so this is the Explorer.

It’s all about finding that freedom and Lewis Howes definitely embodies the Explorer to me. Lewis has made a very significant departure when he was an all-American athlete. I believe he was a football player and he had dreams of playing pro football then something very devastating happened in his life and he really had an epiphany. He just decided to explore who he really was and find that freedom that he had never really explored before. He was seeking new mentors and he went all in: dancing, public speaking, business, and now he’s all about The School of Greatness, so that’s something that he’s really well known for from his own personal journey, and his brand really emulates that free, spiritual explorer type so that’s why I chose Lewis Howes.

So that’s my entire wheel! That was the entirety of my revamping the brand archetypes. I hope you enjoyed it, I hope you liked it and I hope you took something from it. I would love for you to tell me in the comment section below which brand archetype you believe you are or what you want to be!

I hope you have an amazing time, you enjoy your life and that this post taught you something and magically transformed something in your life and in yourself.

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