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a 10g magic mushroom journey

say what?

I’m talking about a very interesting experience I had and it’s all about my experience taking double the heroic dose of magic mushrooms.. and taking 10 g. Yeah, literally 10 g of magic mushrooms.

I am talking with you about this today because there are people who, when I share it (and I don’t share very often), people ask me a lot about it. I think it will help you learn, if you are new to mushrooms or new to psychedelics or just curious in general about that experience, more about it so that you can just have that knowledge. Knowledge is power!

why did i do this?

I want to tell you first about why I decided to do this. Whether or not you are a new psychedelic enthusiast or a seasoned veteran of psychedelic experiences, I want to share with you the reason why I wanted to try 10 grams of magic mushrooms.

At the time, I was in college and I had tried a few very low-dose experiences. I wanted to try out 10 g because I tried out 2 1/2 g when I first started my psychedelic journey and that didn’t really do much for me. I was really expecting a "blast off to the moon" experience with 2 1/2 g and for me, I felt like the experience was less than what I hoped for.. so, I actually tried 5 g of mushrooms a few months later.

While that was a positive, joyful experience, I felt like honestly that wasn’t enough either! I didn’t really feel much from that and what I didn’t realize at the time (which I do realize now) is the reason why those mushrooms didn’t feel potent - either the 2 1/2 g or the 5 g - was because I had got the mushrooms from a source that did not store them properly.

A really important way to store magic mushrooms is in a cold and damp environment. You want to be storing mushrooms in a place where they will not be affected by the heat because heat will dry them out and, over time, psychedelics lose their potency. It’s really really important for you to know that if you don’t want to make the same mistake. I don't think that I can handle 10 g of potent magic mushrooms, when freshly stored and prepared. That’s an insane amount for anybody so, if you're going to experiment, make sure that you’re storing your mushrooms properly and you’re getting your mushrooms from someone who knows how to store them properly. Don’t take chances and don’t take risks.

I took 10 g of magic mushrooms because I thought I could handle it. I thought, because I had taken 2 1/2 g and 5 g of poorly stored magic mushrooms (that had lost their potency, so they really were at like 50% of the potency that they should have been for that amount), I thought I could handle 10 g... but my pride clearly kicked my butt in the end. What happened was that I got the 10 g of magic mushrooms from a new source, thinking it would be, finally, the great experience I wanted. I was finally consuming enough for me and it ended up being way more potent than I needed it to be obviously. This new source even let me know that it would kick my ass and I did not heed that warning because of my pride and I certainly got my cosmic butt kicked.

the encounter

When I went into the experience, I was in my home indoors at nighttime and keep in mind that I was 19 or 20 so I was in college at at the time.

I actually planned on going out that night. Yes - seriously. I planned on going out to an event that I always wanted to go to because there was a DJ in town that I always wanted to see. I had a few friends over and they took a few grams of mushrooms each and they looked at me like I was crazy when I went for it because, obviously, I thought I could handle it based on my high-dose but unknowingly low-potency experiences. My friends were there for me the entire time.

How I dosed was that I actually ground up the 10 g of mushrooms. The other few grams that my friends had separately were in our own separate drinks and smoothies. I ground them up; I got them all in a coffee grinder and I put the different amounts in the three different cups. There was one cup for each of us and mine was placed inside of a smoothie that I created, a blueberry smoothie, and I was told that the smoothie method would be the most fast-acting so that’s why I chose that method.

Basically, what happened was at least four hours of hysteria. I remember on the come-up (the first hour) that we were going to head out in an hour for us to go to this event. Obviously, in the first hour, I started to feel nauseous. I don't remember feeling anxious at all. I was looking forward to it. I initially felt really woozy and I felt like my body was floating in space. The first thing that I remember doing within the first 45 minutes was, with my coat, my dress, and my heels on with winter outside, throw up.

I remember The Beatles on in the background. I could hear that the music of "Tomorrow Never Knows" was on in the background and it sounded super psychedelic for an already very trippy experience. I remember slamming open the bathroom door, going into the bathroom with my heels on, my coat and my hair all done - and just totally barfing. I remember my friend was with me at the time. He came over, he comforted me, held my hair back and everything. I remember that I just hugged him and sat there with him. I remember feeling really trusted by him and comforted.

I also remember that my dad was at home and he asked my friends and I about what was going on. Why was Mia sick? I told my dad what was going on and my dad just looked at me like: "oh no, Mia." Knowing that I was a bit of a wild child and a bit of a renegade with a dad that just knew that when you have a wild child of a daughter, what can you do? My dad also was a bit of a wild child himself obviously...

the ego death

I spent 3 to 4 hours with the most incredible visual hallucinations. We did not go to the club if you hadn't already guessed... I spent 3 to 4 hours in my bed writhing around hysterically. Not anxious necessarily, not depressed either...

Whenever I opened my eyes, the whole room looked like it would change the filter. Sometimes it would look like a van Gogh painting with lots of colour.. then I closed my eyes and I saw a dark backdrop with pixelated and sacred geometric dragons. First of all, there was a huge filter on what I was seeing, so I was seeing either TV static when I opened my eyes or a van Gogh painting style filter. It was very beautiful and confusing.

The most interesting part of this whole journey, and it was about four hours when I timed it, was when I came back to consciousness after four hours. This was when I basically had a very spiritual moment where an entity or a being with a voice came to me in my mind. The voice said, "do you want to die?"

I had a feeling that this voice wasn’t talking about my physical body. I had a feeling that it was talking about my ego. I was experiencing a choice of ego death and I said back to the voice, "I don’t know." Then I thought, if it was physical death (because people might argue and say there was a toxic level of mushrooms that I took), I thought about the people in life that I love...

Like my grandparents.

My father.

My friends.

I thought of these very familiar faces and I said back to this voice in my head, completely in my head, and I’ll never forget it: "no, I do not want to die. I want to live," and then I closed my eyes (very hard) and then when I opened them, suddenly the room was back to normal. My friends were there watching me, petting me, making sure I was OK. I just opened my eyes and I looked at my friends and I just said: "oh my God."

I never will forget that and I will say that I got to sleep at night. When I woke up, I barely said any words to my friends. I remember getting brunch with them the next day and just thinking: oh my gosh. I have no idea what happened.

I hope that that provided you with some information about that experience. Maybe what happens when you take that much and then what to expect. In this experience, I was completely powerless, completely hopeless. I don’t see myself ever doing that in the near future. I would say that I’m complete with that experience.

It taught me about how to value life and experiences and the friendships in my life. I would say that if you’re interested to learn more about myself and who I am and more about my journey with psychedelic medicines, I would love to meet you.

If I have or if we haven't already, whether you’re a new face or if you’re an unfamiliar face, I am holding a self-love fest event on Sunday, March 7th with my cohost Ana / AKA the @microdosingguru. We’re going to be talking about poetry, music, we'll be doing some writing, dancing, movement, breathwork, meditation and it’s going to be a beautiful afternoon (at least in Pacific time). Here's the link to purchase your tickets cause there’s limited seating and limited spots:

I hope that you come to see you, greet you and I would love to hear your thoughts on this so feel free to pop a question or a comment in the comment section below.

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