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8 must-have's before embarking on a daily ritual!

Sometimes I’ll have people ask me about my daily ritual. Someone recently asked me,

"You told me a bit about how venture capital and Saje influenced your sales process. I am fascinated to know more about who your major influences are in the wealth and wellness space. People, courses, experiences?"

A lot of those experiences now come in the form of products I use everyday!

The first thing that I'd like to credit is Palo Santo.

Palo Santo is a sacred wood which, believe it or not, means a wood that basically isn’t harvested inorganically. In Brazil, Palo Santo wood is only harvested from trees that have already fallen and have already died (so that trees aren’t getting cut down specifically for this type of wood).

What I use Palo Santo for is to cleanse and smudge basically anything and anywhere. I typically bring out the Palo Santo for hotel rooms (and I want to smudge it for past energies and cleanse it) or even myself (if I feel like I need an energetic cleansing from a stressful day). The Palo Santo wood that I’m using right now is actually a gift from my dear friend Brianna, but if you wanted to get some of your own (because it smells so good and it’s just this magical, almost crystalline wood) is you could get it here.

Second, my Himalayan salt rock lamp.

I flick this baby on pretty much every night before I go to sleep because I typically like to read for about half an hour before I go to sleep. I like to read at least 1 chapter of a book I am currently on and, right now, I’m reading this book called ‘Heart Of A Stranger’ but I’m also reading this book called 'Jitterbug Perfume' by Tom Robbins with my partner. I just finished 'Braving The Wilderness' by Brene Brown. Anyway, I love the Himalayan salt rock lamp because it’s just such a natural-looking lamp (that doesn’t look like it was just made in some factory somewhere and manufactured in home decor stores), and hey, if you ever need some seasoning, scrape your old lamp away.

Totally joking about that one, but anyway, it’s really just one of my favorite lamps to use. I love the warm, soft glow that comes from it and the fact that I get to change its little lightbulb every few months or so. I got my lamp from Amazon and this is a link that you can use to buy yours!

The third thing I'll mention is my jade roller.

I know these things are a little bit confusing to understand the point of, but hear me out. A face roller or one of those gua sha rocks that you see people rubbing on their face sometimes are actually facial muscle assistants.

Actually, I don’t know if that’s the typical term but I do know that these little guys are amazing for lymphatic drainage. I don’t know if you’ve ever observed how beautiful your skin looks after emerging from a hot bath or a hot shower, but the reason why you look so good and healthy after is that you’re getting moisture into your pores, and you are hydrated which is biologically awesome for you.

Now, if you have a jade roller you want to be using the big roly end for your cheeks and your forehead and even maybe your chin and you want to be pushing the roller from the inside out. Why do I recommend this? Because this is actually how you get the benefits of lymphatic drainage. All of the mucus collecting around your focal point or nasal area is going to need to be pushed out to achieve that look of hydration. The small roly end can maybe be used for some of the smaller areas of your face like your chin or specifically rolling away from the skin starting from your outer nostrils. I got my jade roller from FabFitFun I think about a year ago but if I were you, I would go to this link and get it here.

The fourth thing I want to talk about is my ring light.

This is the exact ring light that I have and it works so well. It’s never failed me once in the years that I’ve had it and I don’t just use it for recording videos like this one, I actually use it just as a light to light up my room or as a lamp in that case. All I do when I get it is I just set it up and rotate the dial underneath the lamp to get it to dim brighter or less bright and that allows me to be in control of the effect.

I would highly recommend using a ring light if you have an online business where you want to be showcasing products or even your hairstyles to clients online because the lighting is so important and one of those things that you want to invest in properly. Let there be light!

The fifth thing is my speaker.

This is the portable speaker that I actually got from this very link here and it not only is portable and wireless but it’s also waterproof which is really cool. I’ve never tested it in a hot tub, but that I’m sure is coming up.

I typically take my speaker with me when I go on bike rides and I just put it in my back basket or if I ever go out with friends and we’re just at the park or beach in warmer weather. Typically when I’m at home, I either just play music from my speakers in my computer or phone but rest assured, the speaker is loud enough and packs a lot of power in its little cylindrical magic.

This is actually a book recommendation as well..

So the sixth thing that I love in my daily routine is The Artist's Way.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of this book from an amazing writer known as Elizabeth Gilbert but it is really famed for its Morning Pages exercises where you just wake up and you crank out a few pages of writing on whatever it is.

This is just meant to get you in the habit of writing and using that exercise because it’s good for your brain and your creativity. I would recommend getting the starter pack that I link to here so that you can not only get the book but also the morning pages journal and do that exercise.

The seventh thing that I will mention is another smudging tool similar to the Palo Santo wood.

In this link, here is a smudging kit and it not only is a beautiful seashell that is known for holding the smudging implement but also the smudging itself which is white sage. White sage is incredibly powerful for smudging away negative energies and cleansing old outdated air in a space. I would recommend getting a whole set if you’re new to the idea of smudging or if you just don’t have a reliable complete set for smudging because it’s just great for when you’re having a stressful time midday and you want to just cleanse it and move on so you can continue to be productive and effective in your workday or whatever you’re doing.

The final and eighth thing in this last is my tarot cards.

I never really got into tarot cards because I found them to be a little bit like horoscopes where they would just say whatever was general enough to get you to somehow agree with it in some way relevant to your life.

I have realized that even if hippie or woo-woo concepts are applied generally and sweep over a wide breath of people, that doesn’t necessarily make them useless in your life and you can still find some usefulness and some truth that will help illuminate you to your current situation. Having said that, my favorite Tarot cards are currently the Osho Zen tarot cards.

Osho himself was actually a very powerful and influential spiritual teacher for many people and I would recommend looking up some of his writings or teachings on tantra and attachment because he just has this very refreshing perspective. He’s no longer alive but his tarot cards still exist to this day and I would recommend getting the set as I link to here because you get the tarot card deck, you receive the instruction manual and also the book for reading out the meanings and significance of the cards that you pull.

I have been using these tarot cards for the past two years and I actually pull a card every quarter to help set my perspective and get me to focus on what’s important for the next quarter that may be a blind spot for me. I pretty much daily get inquiries on my tarot cards from other people to pull and use at parties and I regularly, if not daily, reflect on the meaning of the tarot cards that I pull.

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