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7 Ways to Reinvent Your Logo in 2020

The first thing I want to do is to show you my logo and then explain to you why I chose it and what the importance of a great logo means for you and your business.

So this is my logo and I was really inspired to choose this logo for a personal reason.

As you can see, the logo is of a female silhouette holding an arrow in a bow and ready to fire. As I explain my logo off the bat here, I’m going to start explaining the first of the seven different ways you can strategize a meaningful logo for your business.

1. Meaning

Now even though I’m not an archer myself or are looking for female archers specifically, I chose this logo because, to me, it represents a metaphor as someone who is ready to fire away. To me, I feel as though I am always wanting to take action in my business in a very strategic way as archers typically do. They aim, they prepare and eventually they fire. How I do this is with powerful personal branding for clients and the metaphor is with the power of archery in my logo to create a magical and mythical significance.

2. Simplicity

Now, you may be wondering why I chose my logo because when you look at the top logos in the world, they are remarkably simple.

Take Nike’s logo for example. A very simple checkmark.

McDonald’s logo is the very simple golden arches.

Finally, Apple’s logo is literally the fruit with a bite taken out of it.

My logo, in contrast, looks surprisingly complex.


My logo is something I am personally invested in and it’s the basis of a metaphor. In that way, I’m not necessarily looking for my logo to be simple and what matters more is just that my logo is recognizable.

Plus, the real symbolism of my logo is simple. It’s a person springing back an arrow in the quiver of a bow. When the day comes where I want to simplify my logo, I can completely do that without undermining the message and significance of my brand’s logo. My priority is simply that the symbolism is conveyed due to the meaning and metaphor of my logo for my business.

3. Brand Recognition

For example, when you see the logos of the famous companies I just mentioned, you don’t even need to see the names of these companies to know what companies are. That’s what makes the logo so beautiful. Similarly, I want my logo to simply have that uniqueness factor and that one-of-a-kind look to it so that there is no confusion around my logo and how it points to my business.

4. Why is a logo important and why should you have one?

When you have a business, there’s going to be all sorts of ways that people can recognize you. We can look you up online, they can find you on social media, they can go to your store etc. However, a logo is a really important way that you can let yourself be known without having to necessarily spell out your business. Whether you are a service provider, a sound healer, or even a nutritionist, it’s really important that you have a stamp or some sort of way that you can graphically show on your contracts, your business cards, and even watermarked on your social media posts what your business is.

5. Making sure of negative space

In a logo, the aim is simplicity. You can utilize a lot of negative space that way to make sure that the logo or the actual content, icon, or just color is balanced out by a good portion of negative space so that the logo doesn’t seem too busy or complex.

Think about walking into a high-end fashion store. In retail, one of the biggest things to watch out for in your store layout or even your e-commerce layout is the amount of white space which is a term and can swap out for negative space in this case.

In design, white space or negative space is just a good way of thinking about how to position your actual logo or centerpiece so that it doesn’t get lost in the noise of other things or there is no other distraction from that actual picture. Make sure you’re utilizing negative space while making sure your logo is super simple with basic geometric shapes and not too many colors with a fair amount of background removal if you’re using some sort of actual picture or photography.

6. Design creativity

Another thing to keep in mind is how you are managing your creativity and really your creative flow. Something good to know is that when it comes to logo design, whether it’s yours or for a client that you’re a graphic designer or logo designer for, is that we can tend to lose our creativity and our divine creative essence when we don’t keep on top of our well-being.

When I mean by this is, for example, designing a logo in the same room or learning logo design from one teacher will probably stagnate your creative flow! Going outside, changing the room you’re working in, and making sure you’re just drinking enough water and doing the basic things for yourself is a way to keep your creative flow going without losing steam so you can produce really quality and meaningful work.

7. Copyright

The big thing to keep in mind as you’re creating a logo is copyright. Similar to when you’re using music in your YouTube video that another artist recorded or representing a product placement in an advertisement, using someone else’s picture or using an unlicensed image in your own logo is really risky. I would highly recommend that you make sure that you are checking with the graphic designer or source of your logo to make sure that you are not using an image that is owned by someone else who doesn’t know that you are using it because they could potentially sue you!

I always tell my clients and remind them to make sure that they’re running a business of integrity in each and every way.

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