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5 Tips For Wellbeing Working From Home In 2020

Have 3 hydraters near you at all times throughout the day.

Tip one: I don’t know about you but as I work from home on my online business, I’m always finding a weird assortment of at least 2 to 3 glasses around me of hydration. I do this on purpose actually because I know that the minimum threshold of success in waking up productive and having a productive day entails drinking at least a half-liter of water in the morning. The reason why I emphasize this is because the power of being properly hydrated can never be underestimated and, usually when we’re in a 9-to-5 corporate environment or working with others in an office space, usually we all know when to hydrate by going out for coffee or getting a coffee on the way to work, but if we’re at home and we’re keeping on top of our own wellness, we’ve got a find a way to take personal responsibility so that was just as productive at home, if not more.

Typically, if you’re drinking more than half a liter of water every two hours, you’re actually overdoing it and putting your body in a state of potential fatigue, so I would top it at a half litre of water. throughout the day, make sure that you’re reminding yourself to drink water by just having a constantly refilled water glass beside you and, if you’re a smoothie drinker, stick to your smoothie and just make sure it’s ideally a healthy smoothie or at least has protein and greens in it. For me, I’ve just seen too much when it comes to caffeine and caffeine is not my plant medicine of choice, so I am not a coffee drinker, but if you are, stick to it if you must, though I would recommend a non-caffeinated tea if you like a bit of variety with your hydration. So, my recommended hydration varieties are tea, a smoothie, and water.

Use a stand-up desk.

The next tip I cannot emphasize enough is for posture. I once worked in an office environment where, after five months of working there and getting a raise, my boss actually invested in really high-end standup desks and this was a game-changer for the office environment. They were basically these sleek, ivory huge standup desks that you could sit at if you wanted to or you could, with just the click of a button on the side, could seamlessly and quietly elevate your desk so that you could stand up when you wanted a break from sitting. Now, you may be thinking, “why would I need a break from sitting? That’s not very tiring...” I totally understand! If you’ve ever paid attention to your posture, you know what I mean when I say that when I see someone slumped over in their desk or assuming a hunch back at their cubicle, I don’t get a good impression that they enjoy what they do or that they’re having a fun time doing it.

I probably don’t need to remind you of how detrimental it is to your posture, back support, and even your self-confidence when you slumped over as you’re sitting. However, if you do you need a reminder, poor posture is more important than you know and it’s harmful effects of back support especially later in life. Avoid those potential negative effects now by taking control of your back support. A way you can even upgrade your current office set up when you go into work is by working at home with a standup desk. Because I don’t have a standup desk at my office at home, I literally place a sturdy box that exactly meets a fair enough height for me so that I’m standing comfortably with my shoulders back as I work on my laptop for, I can say, hours. So I highly recommend a standup desk or some sort of makeshift one.

Go outside for at least an hour in the day.

My third tip is for your health! And what I say for your health is shown in the power of getting outside. I know how sometimes we can stay inside and work our asses off all day, and I want to remind you that working hard or working yourself into the ground is a totally outdated way of achieving success and outmoded ideas of productivity. Research has shown that productivity is not proportionate to how long you work for or how hard you work for but how happy you work for. If you’re setting yourself up for success and optimizing your health matters, then you want to be taking your health into consideration and actually making your health first priority especially in an environment where a global pandemic is taking place and new answers are still being revealed about the ways to mitigate the risk for yourself every single day.

What I do is I actually do go outside for one hour. Now, I would recommend going outside with a mask on because you don’t want to take any chances if you touch an infected surface or if someone infected coughs on you, but just take my word for it. I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard about any research on forest bathing or the effects of being outside and being in nature on your health system, but I probably don’t need to remind you health aficionados out there and health experts that being outside and being in nature like with the forest and trees, that the health benefits will be innumerable! Go outside for an hour, and whether you pair that with a daily exercise routine or your daily meditation routine or even just going to the grocery store, be sure to get that vitamin D time especially. So my tip here is to go outside for at least an hour a day.

Eat a light and healthy lunch and hide the snacks.

My next step to well-being is for nutrition! No, I have found in my personal experimentation of eating throughout the day that the breakfast just slows me down, now I know, a lot of you breakfast lovers are diehard fans of the morning cereal or eggs and toast or various other multicultural options, however, in my personal research on myself, breakfast in the morning just isn’t the way to go for me if I want to get up and get productive. Typically, what I do is I actually skipped breakfast and wait for lunch and this is where I really get into my first meal of the day so just start your day off right and healthy make sure whatever that first meal is, even if you decide to continue eating breakfast, is that it’s healthy, ideally lots of greens, a fair amount of protein and a decent amount of balanced food groups is all the restrictions that I placed on myself and this is not to restrict my pleasurable experience of life but only to increase my productivity by making sure my lunch is light.

Now I would also add a disclaimer here and that is to really put the snacks out of sight. Out of sight, out of mind as they say and I find that this works with everything including cash, treats, and distractions. if that’s a system that works for you, even better. The bottom line here is make a light and healthy lunch and have the snacks ideally!

Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day.

My last step to well-being that I want to share with you today while you’re working from home is for focus. If you know me well in my personal life, you know I am a huge advocate for meditation. Even if you don’t know me that well in person, you may have come across my Insight Timer profile where I showcase myself as a meditation teacher. I have a few meditations up there that I recorded myself so be sure to check those out if you’re looking for it. In a video that I link to overhear, I actually discuss meditation being my main call to adventure that led me to my current place now where I am a strong advocate for a while being and strategies to curb burn out. Long story short is that I discovered meditation while I was in University because of my dear aunt that introduced it to me and it changed my life and I’ll never be the same. In fact, if it weren’t for meditation I don’t think I would be as reactive and have as much of a focus on well-being as I do now. I just can’t imagine my life without meditation and a simple act of sitting still has such profound effects not only on my health, my nutrition, my reactivity or lack thereof, my productivity, and my focus. The results that show up in my life to the meditation are actually infinite, but if I were to choose an area that meditation helps while you’re working from home, I would recommend meditating at least 10 minutes per day for focus. Now some of you may ask, what kind of meditation? Why only 10 minutes?

Those are really good questions! I put 10 minutes because that is the minimum amount of time or lowest threshold in a busy day working from home whatever you do, which allows for just that simple decompression during the day. There are studies that show that brain matter increases and those long-term neuronal connections in the brain actually strengthen simply because of meditation. Also, the style of meditation does not really concern me too much or needs to be a big concern for you. Whether it’s a guided meditation, a silent meditation, of a personal style, Zen style, or transcendental meditation, it’s all good in my books and if you prefer a specific style, go for what suits you. If you’re new to meditation, I would try a guided meditation first so that you feel like you know what you’re doing and insight timer is a seriously good place for that so be sure to check out my daily empowerment meditation which is actually 15 minutes that you can listen to every day upon Insight Timer completely free.

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