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3 Tips for Engagement on Social Media in Your Brand in 2020

In last week's Livestream, we talked about why your brand isn’t getting the traction you want. Specifically, we talked about:

  1. Why you should be getting leads in your DMs

  2. What marketing that converts looks like (and what it doesn’t)

  3. The ONLY thing you need to know when you’re putting yourself out there on social media

Before we dive in, let me talk about my own experience when it comes to branding and the multiple mistakes I made. I remember what it feels like to design beautiful graphics and spend hours on Canva and then actually getting LESS engagement.

Unfortunately, this is is not uncommon for a lot of entrepreneurs. That’s what I’m even talking about this on this Livestream! So, what went wrong and why did my social media feed not get the engagement I wanted? Let me share the 3 crucial mistakes I made that I know A LOT of you are making too:

  1. I wasn’t using hashtags strategically. I was all sorts of hashtags, not enough, too many, repeating, or not knowing the algorithm. What happens when you stop this is you attract more organic followers that may have never known about them but are the PERFECT prospects.

  2. I was following too many people. What this looked like was a cluttered feed, a feed filled with hits and misses, too many notifications, and the algorithm not directing my ideal prospects to me. Now that I've changed this, the algorithm works for me and directs ideal prospects to me, I have a feed that I like, and I look less desperate.

  3. I wasn’t being personal. Speaking only about business and sounding sales-ey was turning people off and friends were scared that I would ask them for money. When I changed this, I received more organic engagement because people are relating in a low-pressure environment.

Now here’s the ONE thing you need to do in order to SHIFT your strategy with your brand. You need to learn how to masterfully put yourself out there are and articulate your social media so your prospects know about you, see you, and engage with you through your funnel:

Plan your content with at least 12 posts in advance!

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