• Mia Cosco

3 branding mistakes you're making that are costing you business

mistake #1: posting mindlessly.

This looks like:

  • posting with little to no hashtags (you want to have at least 25 niche hashtags which means no #love or #life)

  • focusing way too much on vanity metrics and just wanting those followers so you buy bots

  • posting at random times.. the consistent bird gets the worm every time.

what happens if you continue making this mistake...

  • social media becomes distracting and you start seeing social media as the enemy

  • you hit burnout! expect to be a couch potato, lethargic, or even taking sick time off. don’t compromise your health.

  • you end up annoying followers so much that you see people un-following in droves. spammy content and content with virtually little to no value for them.

what happens when you STOP making this mistake:

  • you get to leverage your analytics, growing your online following organically. if you have a business or creator account, you get that Insights tab on your profile that only you can view. click on it and figure out when your followers are on so that you can post beforehand, maximize your traffic, and break records in your engagement.

  • you also get to start implementing a foolproof strategy that just rinses and repeats every week or month or even every day, depending on when you want to post content.

mistake #2: branding inconsistently.

This looks like:

  • too many ideas showing up differently on all the different social media platforms. for example, on YouTube you may be a lifestyle blogger, but on Instagram.. you’re a reiki practitioner? and then on Facebook, you’re a massage therapist? who are you? the internet wants to know so they can rank your business higher and know a consistent you.

  • an unattractive/messy feed. aesthetics matter, and if you are branding with all oranges one week, and then blues the other.. i’m confused. what’s your color palette?

what happens if you continue making this mistake...

  • people implicitly won't trust you. if they don’t see consistency from you, they won’t trust you, and you won’t be the authority.

  • your followers won't convert into clients or customers for your business. straight up.

  • you will be trying to do too much by catering to everyone. enter: burnout.

what happens when you STOP making this mistake:

  • landing on the one clear, ideal desire as a business. stop trying to do so much and please everyone when you’re not pleasing anyone, notably yourself. land on one clear niche and market from there. you’ll expand when you’ve mastered working with people on one clear problem.

  • you’ll also be planning out your roadmap to your big win. you’ll feel more organized, focused and this will propel a crystal clear and dominating strategy.

  • you’ll be feeling confident! who doesn’t want to walk with their head held high and confidently gesture people to their social media profile?

mistake #3: not putting yourself out there.

This typically looks like:

  • content for weeks.. then a stop. why? what happened? you fall off the rankings quickly from there and when you’re off people’s radars, you run the risk of losing business.

  • feeling hesitant and a crisis of comparison on social media. just because your competitor is reporting wins, who cares! cultivate the mindset that there are no competitors: just inspirations.

what happens if you continue making this mistake...

  • no one will know you! you won't show up in the SEO and you’ll just be ranked lower and lower underneath people who you view as your competitors.

  • this is delaying cash flow for your business so believe me, stay on top of that marketing.

what happens when you STOP making this mistake:

  • put yourself out there and you will feel confident! you will feel unstoppable no matter if you’re “canceled,” bullied or even harassed online. all of those things have happened to me and I continue to show up every week. feel free to comment below and ask me more about it.

  • by putting yourself out there, people know you! if people don’t know you or your signature offer, they won’t be given the opportunity to receive your teachings or gifts, and nothing will happen.

  • when you put yourself out there, you build an audience, prospects, and a funnel! look at you: already an online entrepreneur making money from anywhere.

At this point, you might be wondering...

“Okay, I know what I need to STOP doing... but what do I do instead!?”

Introducing Wholistic Wellness Branding

The 3 step method to creating a thriving, heart centred business without financial insecurity, lack of strategy, or lack of time.

Step 1: soul searching.

Step 2: niching.

Step 3: automating growth.

Book your Brand Game Plan

What is a 30-Minute Brand Game Plan?

Benefit #1: Discover the process of living and breathing your brand.

Benefit #2: Uncover the limiting beliefs of WHY you’re not using social media to meet your business goals.

Benefit #3: Create a plan to inspire clients to sign and customers to buy in 30 days.

at no charge, it's no-risk and completely low-pressure. at least, walk away with an action plan.

hope to speak to you 1:1 soon!

ciao for now!

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