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2020 year in review & creating 2021

Thank you Dhyana Di for this incredible prompt of remembering 2020!

Dhyana is a friend, former client of mine & former coach of mine that passed on this year in review process that she's been using for a few years to reflect on the past year and create the next year that she swears by. Hopefully, by showing you this process, you perhaps feel the same way and feel, more importantly, clarity and hope for your future - especially after this past curveball of a year!

What was my biggest triumph in 2020?

I would have to say probably starting my own business. I never thought I would do it before I was 30.

What was the smartest decision I made in 2020?

Listening to my inner guidance and intuition. I never thought that I’d be able to dive into self-care so much as I have this year and just prioritize my mental health!

What one word best sums up and describes my 2020?

Probably 'surrender.'

What was the greatest lesson I learned in 2020?

That it’s really, really important to open my heart, even when I feel like I just wanna snap it shut.

What was the most loving service I performed in 2020?

Probably my morning routine. My morning routine is a pivotal aspect of my life now and it includes journaling, meditation, breathwork, exercise, yoga, and prayers as well.

What was my biggest piece of unfinished business in 2020?

Probably my healing from my last traumatic relationship.

What were the three most significant events of 2020?

Probably getting into my relationship, drinking plant medicine, and COVID-19!

Who are the three people - outside of my family - that had the greatest impact on my life in 2020?

Dhyana who recommended this process, my good friend Leah who I talk to every single day - literally, and my partner Zack.

When did I feel most alive in 2020?

Probably in Mexico when I was touring around with mine and Zack's spiritual teacher and drinking plant medicine.

What was the biggest risk I took in 2020?

Opening my heart to a new relationship.

What was the biggest surprise in 2020?


What was the biggest failure in 2020?

Gosh, I would say whenever I retreated and made a decision that I knew I needed to make and then pretended like it didn’t matter that it was important.

What fears surfaced in my life in 2020?

The fear that I’m just not worthy.

What is one thing I can forgive myself for in 2020?

I’m gonna forgive myself for not being in integrity because those times where I lacked integrity, I wasn’t my word and I didn’t hold my end of the bargain or I wasn’t accountable to the people that I said I would be accountable to, I want to heal those because those are now incredible lessons burned into my psyche for me to remember that it’s important to be in my word and hold myself to be integral to my word.

What is one thing I can forgive another for 2020?

Yeah, I would say my partner Zack. There were a lot of ebbs and flows in our relationship and I can forgive him for not showing up at his best because I wasn’t showing up at my best all the time either.

What was my biggest learning experience in 2020?

If I don’t take care of myself first and I don’t love myself first, I can’t expect anyone else to love me (people will still love me but I can’t expect people to).

What will I vow to NEVER do again?

I will never ever get into a position of leadership and space-holding without knowing I have all the important details.

What will I vow to do more of?

Playing music!

What one area do I feel stuck in from 2020 that I would like to improve in the coming year?

Oh, I feel stuck in just my ability to cook and cook nutritiously. Making creative meals is something I want to improve for sure.

Is there something from 2020 that I need to let go of?

Probably limiting beliefs around money, worth and value. I've been doing a lot of research with books and courses on money and worth relationships.

What important relationships improved the most in 2020?

Number one, my relationship with myself. My relationship with my partner Zack and my relationship with my girlfriend Dhyana. My relationship with Leah, my relationship with my dad, as well my relationship with the spiritual teachers and mentors in mine and Zack‘s life, my aunt as well and my relationship with my grandmother (I phone her every week and I didn’t always do that before & now I do!).

What complement would I like to have received in 2020?

Oh, I would’ve loved to have been told - I would love to have been complemented on just my creativity. So, my creativity and my design work for clients gets complimented, but moreso my creativity in music and within food.

What compliment would I like to have given in 2020?

I would love to give compliments to the past lovers in my life about how much they impacted my life in ways that I may have only thought was negative, but which actually was positive in many ways as well.

What else do I need to do or say to be complete with 2020?

All I wanna do now is just relax for the next week and remember that everything‘s OK. I’m working way less now and it’s so important to decompress and relax cause I’ll come back and do what I wanna do in my business in a much better way.

Creating 2021

What would I like to be my biggest triumph in 2021?

I would say reaching six figures of my business.

What advice would I give to myself in 2021?

I deserve to have it all!

What is the major effort I am planning to improve about my financial results in 2021?

I am planning to improve just my discipline around not just earning wealth but maintaining wealth, building it, and scaling it over time.

What would I be most happy about completing in 2021?

I want to complete any fears or limiting beliefs.

What indulgence am I willing to experience in 2021?

Massive wealth & prosperity.

How can I be more open-minded and open-hearted in 2021?

I can be more open-minded and open-hearted in 2021 by being open-minded to food and supplements and vitamins and minerals that I haven’t before considered; just my open-mindedness by relinquishing the part of me that just wants to leave when things get rough in a relationship and stay and transform with the pain and live with an open heart.

If I knew I couldn’t fail, what would I attempt in 2021?

Probably building a retreat center.

What am I most looking forward to learning in 2021?

I’m most looking forward to learning music and how to play the harmonium better.

What do I think my biggest risk will be in 2021?

I think my biggest risk will be in testing out different ways of enhancing my content creation so investing in the software, lighting, sound, and equipment experience better and then, yeah, streamlining my business.

Regarding my work, what am I most committed to changing and improving in 2021?

To hide from being vulnerable, that’s what I want to change and improve the most, yeah I’m ready to be her.

What would I most like to change about myself personally in 2021?

I would say I am into being minimalist and have a minimalist lifestyle by making sure that everything I own (my items/my possessions are high-quality and not settling for lower quality, like a lot of beauty products I still own are lower quality, etc). All these things that we have in our lives - furniture, everything, right.

What is one undeveloped talent I’m willing to explore in 2021?

My driving! So, I’m learning how to drive better, so thats something I’m really willing to explore and I’m just learning how to drive.

How can I fully nurture myself first and foremost in 2021?

I am committing to my morning routine. My morning routine is so important for me to do first thing in the morning.

How can I stand up for myself more in 2021?

I would say I’m gonna stand up for myself more in 2021. So, fixing my posture!

How will I move through my fears in 2021?

Great q. I'm reading a book on this right now by Mel Robbins. I would say that my fears I know are a projection of my ego and the way to really nurse the ego and change the ego and transform it is through plant medicine and altered states of consciousness.

What brings me the most joy and how am I going to do or have more of that in 2021?

I would say I am so the most joyful when I’m creative, so I’m either making a design or I am making art or reading or writing. I’m gonna be making sure that I am writing more in 2021, designing more for my clients.

Who or what, other than myself or my family, am I most committed to loving and serving in 2021?

I am most committed to loving and serving my friendship with Dhyana who sent me this love synergy year in review.. I am also most committed to loving and serving and my friendship with Leah, my relationship with my aunt and my dad, grandmother, my relationship to myself and Spirit, my partner Zack (obviously) and then serving my relationship with nutritious food and nutrition creativity and art, music, writing, and reading.

What one word would I like to have as my theme in 2021?


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